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8 Applicant Appraisal Forms & Templates

Not everyone who walks through your door with a resume is an ideal candidate, so you need to be smart about identifying the ones who are worth your recruitment efforts. You need to carefully evaluate their resumes as well as assess their behavior during their initial interview. This is where applicant appraisal templates come in to save your day!

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Here are some great examples of these forms that you can download today. You may also see employee appraisal letter templates.

Applicant Appraisal Form Evaluation

Applicant Appraisal Form Questions

Employee Appraisal Form

Faculty Candidate Evaluation Form

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Candidate Evaluation Form Example

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How to use an applicant appraisal form

An applicant appraisal form is one of the most useful tools that will help you compare the candidates that are trying to apply for that open position in your company. This helps make sure that you hire only the best possible choice based on all of the information that you were able to gather through interviews and your observation. It also helps in establishing the practices that you will be using during the hiring process that will help remove subjectivity and ensure that the entire process is as objective as it can possibly be. You may also see different performance appraisal letters.

This is especially useful if your company is ever audited or faces a lawsuit. By using an application form, it will help reduce your exposure to employment practice liability as it can show that your company was objective throughout the entire hiring process and it can also show what led you to the decision of hiring the best person for the job. You may also see What Is an Appraisal Letter?

So here are the steps that will help you effectively make use of a job application form: You may also see sample appraisal letters

Set the parameters of the person that you are looking to hire

Before you even start conducting interviews for those that would like to obtain the position, you and the hiring committee will have to decide on at least three to seven competencies a candidate must possess. Make sure that an applicant ranks highly in all of these aspects in order to help you make an easy decision on who you are going to hire. These competencies include, but are not limited to: Communication, Skills and Leadership, Initiative, Education, Experience, Motivation, Team Building, Creativity, and Customer Service.

Set the weight of each competency

This will help you prioritize which of these competencies matter to you and your company the most. Interviewers will set the weights of each competency on a scale of one to five that will relate to the success of the position. You may also see How to create employee performance appraisals.

Calculate the average of each competency

Once all of the interviewers have assigned weights to the competencies that you have selected for the job, calculate the weighted average. To calculate the weighted average of an individual competency, total the number of the weight that each interviewer placed for the specific competency, then divide that total number by the number of interviewers. When you have done the same for all the other competencies that you have listed, measure each of the candidates against the value of the competency. You may also see Steps for writing a self-appraisal.

Interview the candidates and assign their scores

Interviewers will walk into each interview to determine which of the candidates will be the best person for the job. The way for the interviewer to do this is by asking different kinds of questions that will relate to each of the competencies that they are trying to assess. Then, they will gather the response of each candidate and rate them based on each answer. It is very important that the questions the interviewer asks correspond to the different competencies so that it will be much easier to judge every response that a candidate makes. At the end of every interview, all of the interviewers will assign a score to the applicant’s ability that will correspond with the competency based on the information that was gathered throughout the entire interview. You have to go through this process for all of the other competencies that the position is going to need. You may also see application form templates.

Total all of the scores

You were able to set the competencies, weigh each of them, and rate how each of these candidates scored for each competency. Now, it is time for you to objectively measure which of these candidates is the best person for the job. First, each interviewer will multiply the value factor by the candidate’s ability for each core competency. You will complete this calculation for all of the core competencies that you have listed for the job opening. Each candidate’s scores will then be totaled. Doing this will help remove subjectivity, speculation, and biases regarding candidates through the help of the available evidence that is presented through the interview and the numerical values used to make the hiring decision. You may also see application form templates.

Sample Interview Evaluation Form

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Employment Candidate Evaluation Form

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Size: 7 MB


Tips for appraising applicants

Here are some tips that should help you determine the best application for a job:

Prepare everything in advance

You will not be able to hire someone for a position if you do not even know what that position requires. It is best that you read up on the job description and the minimum requirements that a person needs in order to actually do the job. By knowing all of this information, it will help you generate all of the questions that you have to ask to see if the person who is applying for the job actually meets the competencies needed for the position. You may also see job application form templates.

Focus on the appraisal

The interview by which you will be conducting the appraisal is usually done in a private setting so that both you and the candidate may be able to discuss things in a candid manner. However, you need to stay centered on the matter at hand, namely what the candidate has that the position is going to need. So, stay on point throughout the interview and do not give in to distractions by pursuing irrelevant topics. You may also see basic application forms.

Assess the candidate’s qualities

Even if this person does not have all of the qualities that make the perfect employee, he or she may be good enough to manage the position in a decent manner and can develop additional skills over time. You have to be able to see the things that the candidate offers and determine whether you really need them for the job and if what he or she has is rated highly in the scoring system that your company has set up. So, even if the candidate is missing one important quality but highly excels in the rest, then you could still consider this person for the position. You may also see How to organize employment application forms.

If you would like to learn more about applicant appraisal forms or anything related to this (such as how to do a proper job analysis), then all you have to do is go through our other available articles to get the information that you need.

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