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One of the most precious gifts in life is the gift of friends. They are one of the kinds of people we meet and just instantly connect and click. That connection throughout the years gets stronger. You would witness first hand what he or she looks like in his or her best and what he or she is at his or her worst. You would also know what he or she is good at and what he or she is still having trouble with. With that being said, if you’re working in a company and there is a position that best fits your friend, you often would say to yourself,”Oh, this would be a perfect fit for him or her. I can’t wait to tell him or her about this.” You may also see employment application forms.

This behavior can lead up to you referring him or her to your supervisor or your boss. But just like any kind of behavior that is supposed to be portrayed in the company, one should be professional and handle it formally through a certain process. This process is called filling up an Employee Referral Sample Form. This article will give you a few sample templates on what it really looks like and what are its parts. You can also see more on Employee Form Templates.

Free General Format of an Employee Referral Form

general format of an employee referral form

What is it?

Basically, an employee referral simple form is a kind of company form in which an employee has to fill up if there is a person he or she knows that can perform marvelously the job opening the company currently has. This is also a way for companies to get recruitments aside from the usual advertising in job finder sites and other social media accounts or in the job page section in the daily newspaper. If one is fully aware of the company’s Employee Referral Policy, he or she would not have any trouble at all in having a smooth process in referring someone formally and would at times, get some incentives in the end if the person he/she referred to the management gets accepted and does an excellent job.

Free Tech Company Employee Referral Form

tech company employee referral form

Free Sample Employee Referral Form

sample employee referral form

Parts of an Employee Referral Form

Every permit basic form, whatever the purpose might be, always has a structure. By structure I mean parts of the whole. These are the things that should be filled up if one wishes to referr a potential candidate or friend to the management that is fit for the certain job opening. If you’re planning to fill up this kind of printable form, these are the things you will expect to write or type on:

1. You. This pertains to your personal information. But don’t worry, it won’t be as long as the resume you sent or those employee profile forms you had trielessly filled up. It would generally just be about your full name, contact number and email. You may also see Employment Forms.

2. Relationship. This is where you fill up what is your relationship with the candidate you are referring to the company or management. You have to specify if he/she is a friend, someone you know or is a part of your family. You may also see incident reports.

3. The other one. This is part of the modern form where you need to fill up the needed information of the candidate you wish to have in the company. This would normally include his/her name, contact number, and email. The last part is when you would explain why he or she is fit for such a position. The employee should reason out in full detail so that the management would be convinced to give this person a chance to be interviewed, and if he or she passes, they would now put a close look on the way he or she performs in the months that will follow. You can also see more on Request Form Templates.

4. Human Resource Part. In this part, it will state when the form was passed, when the interview of the referred person was done and if he/she was hired or not after the interview and a few tests. The last one to be filled up is the award date. This pertains to the date the employee who was the one who referred the new guy in the company, gets the company incentive or benefit if such company has that kind of process in the Employee Referral Sample Policy.

Free Procedures in the Employee Referral Form

procedures in the employee referral form

Employee Referral Policy

In very permit or form, there is a simple policy behind it. The Employee Referral form exists because of the Employee Referral Policy. The policy explains what is the purpose of having this kind of form just like any other policy. In this section of the article, we will tell you what makes up of the Employee Referral Policy and how this can guide you in making your own policy for your company.

1. Company Statement

This is usually where the company will introduce itself and what it wants from its employees and the development of the company related to the policy. This applies to all policies being made in the company. This part has to be really specific. Everything in a professional policy has to be specific and explained in detail. You may also see HR forms.

2. Eligible to who

This is where the policy would state who are eligible and not eligible to ask for the employee referral form. Mostly all of the people in the workforce can be eligible except for a few depending on the policy formats.

3. Who cannot be referred?

This pertains to people who should not be referred to the management for the job opening. This can include employees who were fired or in “Do Not Hire” list or those who were laid off because of bad behavior or breaking company rules persistently. You may also see excel forms.

4. Procedure

This part of the policy is where it would state the process and steps if one wishes to refer a potential candidate to the job opening. This would also explain the award or benefit one would acquire if his/her referred candidate does a good job generally in the first 90 days of being hired by the company. The benefit or the reward would most likely be cash or other kinds of bonuses. You may also see HR evaluation forms.

Free Employee Referral Program Example

employee referral program example

You Also Help yourself

As you’re referring a potential candidate, who also happens to be your friend and it is clear you’re helping him or her in getting a job, you’re also helping yourself. If you look at the Employee Referral Policy clearly, one will receive incentives if one refers a good candidate. One would also get another award if the candidate he/she referred to performs well in the company after a few months of observation. Another thing that is good about it is that it strengthens your bond with your friend. You can also see more on Blank Forms. I mean, who would not like to see a familiar face in the workplace every day and talk about to your co-employees the memories both of you guys have shared in the past. Having someone you know can boost up your self-confidence in the office. Additionally, it would also build the trust between you and the management. The trust refers to the confidence they have in you with your referring skills. With those things being with you, you surely would have a good feeling inside the workplace and good pay along the way. You may also see more on Report Forms.

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