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10+ Event Order Form Templates – Google Docs, Google Sheets

If you are offering a variety of services to clients, you already know that you would also need a variety of order templates to track orders for those services. While you will need such order forms Templates  for many businesses, it would be particularly significant in the case of orders related to event production and management, as there would be more at stake than in the case of a normal order.

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Thankfully, there are sample order templates you can use to provide specific services to your clients whenever they have to place orders for events. Some businesses even specialize in providing services for these events, and with these form templates you should now be able to do it yourself. But if you want to use these kinds of tools to the fullest, then you may want to know about certain tips and insights that could help you do just that.

Event Order Template

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Sample Event Catering Order Form

Event Change Order Form Template

Event Planning Order Form

Banquet Event Order Form

Why You Need Event Order Form Templates

Part of knowing how best to use different event order templates well involves knowing exactly what services they can provide you with. As tools, event order templates can provide both yourself and your customers with certain conveniences that should make the option of using them a more enticing idea than choosing to go without.

In any case, some of these advantages include:

Convenience for Clients

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of using event order form templates is that they can make life considerably easier for your clients. That is something of true of different order forms like catering order forms templates. After all, clients can place orders to your business fairly simply and directly so that you can find exactly what is needed and when and where. This is also in addition to the fact that clients can place such orders remotely so they need not actually come to you personally in order to place orders. This is especially relevant when you think about how busy your clients are likely to be since they would have to plan out other aspects of their particular events.


Of course, this also implies that order form templates can save a great deal of time on both clients’ parts as well as your own. After all, since clients can make use of the forms to inform you of what is required, then you need not worry about having to specify details as they should be included in the forms proper. This also extends to any edits to orders as those can be made fairly easily via specific forms for edits. Also, the use of event order form templates should make it easier for you to make plans concerning time frames for fulfilling your end of an order as you can make it clear to a client when you need to receive an order. And in case an order needs to be canceled, then you should have a clear window to have that done without causing too much disruption to the event as a whole.

Basic Template

Using simple order forms as a basis for your own particular forms also gives you a basic format that you can modify and update as needed. After all, no one would expect you to use a basic template, hence the need to modify it to suit the particular needs of your business. And no matter the precise nature of the services you offer, you should be able to find a basic template close enough to what you need so that all you have to do is adjust the particulars of the form. This is true for practically any kind of event-related service such as catering since you should be able to find any number of general templates that can be applied to your own business.


It may also interest you to know that the templates available for your use can be adapted to any number of uses. After all, there are a great many services that can be provided at events which can be quite distinct from one another. For example, you might offer either catering or photography services. However you need not fear having to adjust any templates too much. Templates can generally be adjusted to suit the specifics of your business. So if you found a template you though was close to the final form you had in mind, or if you found one that just suited your tastes, it would be a fairly simple matter to edit that template to make it align more to what you want.

Orderly Layout

Another advantage you can get out of order form formats is that their layouts are already arranged by default. Templates already give you a basic format to work with such that you do not have to design them yourself. As such, the layouts you can find are already organized so you need only to fill in specific details. This also serves as an advantage to your clients. After all, with an orderly layout like the ones you can find in these forms your clients should have a much easier time navigating the forms themselves. This is definitely something to consider when you think about how these forms have to keep clients’ convenience in mind.

Indirect Marketing

It is also very possible for to make of documents like event order forms to help market your business, particularly if you are aimed at supplying services for events like weddings. Like other examples of official documents, you would have to include your contact information and address, which can be subtly used to draw in more business from any forms you distribute to your clients. This, combined with quality service and word of mouth from satisfied customers, can definitely go some way to attracting more clients for yourself.

Order Form for Banquet Event

Catering Event Form

Event Equipment Order Form

Event Service Order Form

Customer Order Form

Event Videography Order Form

What Services Can Be Ordered with Order Forms

Some more information that could contribute to your being able to use these sample order forms more effectively is what services you can provide to your clients. After all, your business is likely to provide specific services to clients being that many of these services are quite specialized. So if you wanted to be certain of knowing how best to design your forms, it might be prudent for you to have some knowledge of some of these particular services.

Event Coordination

Perhaps the most obvious kinds of sample service order templates are those that have to do with event coordination themselves. After all, there are certain businesses that specialize in helping their clients set up their events as is the case with wedding coordinators. If that happens to be your business, then having event order forms can make it easier for you to coordinate with your clients as well as any third parties. Not only can your clients tell you exactly what they need, but you can have a written record of that to refer to when you make all the arrangements, to say nothing of how you can have the forms updated as necessary.


There are also specialized event order forms available to you such as catering order forms. After all, your task might just be to serve food for given events, as well as any related services. These kinds of order forms can allow your clients to specify exactly what they want from you. In the case of catering, you would have a great many things to consider such as the client’s choices, the event in question, and others. Furthermore, as a catering service you would also have to consider factors like transportation, set-up, serving, clean-up, and others. Thankfully, your forms are able to let you include these considerations so that your clients can give you advance warning of all the requirements for any events.


Events also tend to want services such as video and photography so that the guests and hosts alike have something with which to remember the day. This can be seen in some examples of sample wedding orders, where clients can specify what they want in the way of recording the event. This can be a fairly important thing to take note of, as you would have to make your clients aware of exactly what options are open to them so that they can find ways of getting mementos of the day as they like. You can even provide different packages so as to give your clients their pick of specific videography options.


Some order form templates can also include the venue, which does make sense as there are some places that specifically allow themselves to be rented out for certain events. This is another necessary kind of order form as the event would have to consider a fitting location for the number of guests the event is expected to host. Clients would also have to coordinate with decorators and caterers so that the venue can be properly set up for the event in time. Some other things to consider are distance and parking space, which you should take care to include in your forms so that the event can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Hopefully, this should give you everything that you need to make the most of the free order forms you need to use yourself. After all, like any other event-related endeavor, there are quite a number of things you would need to keep in mind when devising any event orders for the benefit of your clients.

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