10 Purchase Order Forms & Templates


Purchase order forms are a vital component of doing business in the modern age. If you are just setting up your company, you will have to use these documents every time you purchase equipment, services, etc. Below are some samples of purchase order forms that you can employ as templates when you create your own. You may also see order form templates.

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Simple Purchase Order Template

simple purchase order template

Purchase Order Example

purchase order example

Return of Purchase Order Form

return of purchase order form

Sample Online Purchase Order Form

sample online purchase order form

Medical Purchase Order Form

medical purchase order form

Sample Dealer Purchase Order Form

sample dealer purchase order form

Equipment Purchase Order Form

screenshot 19

Electronic Purchase Order Form

online-purchase-order-form-1 electronic-purchase-order-form

Why are purchase order forms important?

Having a purchase order format form makes things more official and it legally binds both parties much like a contract agreement. So, here are ways that a purchase order form can improve how you do business:

They help you avoid duplicate orders

If there is one person in your company who is already in charge of making the purchases, then keeping track of these orders for the company should be easy. But a purchase simple order form makes it even easier to keep track of all the information regarding who made a purchase, when a purchase proposal was made, and what was purchased. These documents can be very helpful in keeping things organized and preventing the duplication of orders.

They prevent surprises about price increases

In the event that a supplier changes the price between the date of when the order was made and the date of the delivery or invoice receipt, then a simple purchase order should be able to clarify the agreed-upon price for both parties and make sure that there is no chance for miscommunication. Plus, it makes sure that suppliers do not trick you into paying for more than the actual price of whatever items you have purchased. You may also see blank order forms.

They help you keep track of incoming orders

With the help of a purchase order and a well-organized purchase order system, it will be easy for you to keep track of all the items that you have ordered and when they are going to arrive. This way, you will be able to manage all of the inventory spreadsheet and shipping in complete order.

They ensure clear communication

As stated earlier, miscommunications may happen if you do not have enough information regarding a purchase and delivery receipt. So, with the help of purchase orders, you can clearly communicate all of the details regarding the purchase that you would like to make. By having every detail clarified, laid out and documented, this can help prevent any future conflicts that could have happened without this information. You may also see order form in PDF.

They serve as legal documentation

As mentioned before, the sample purchase order form serves as a legally binding contract between you and the vendor or supplier. So, if there is ever a major problem regarding the items purchased, when the items were purchased, or the price of the items, then the purchase order forms will help settle legal disputes. Best of all, this document serves to protect both parties.

If you would like to learn more about purchase order forms or read tips on formatting and writing your own purchase order forms, be sure to click on the links to our related posts.

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