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3+ Freelance Quote Templates – PDF, Word

After graduating from college, most of us choose to go for a nine-to-five shift job because it’s the most logical and practical method of earning for ourselves. We aim for companies with the biggest offer and the most benefits because that’s what we studied years for, right? It would be great if the course that we pursued in college is what we really wanted. But what if it’s not? We have to make the difficult decision to set aside our passion and go for what’s paying our bills because let’s be real — not everyone has the means to chase their dreams as freely as others. We get stuck with the mundane routine: waking up at the wee hours to beat the morning traffic and going home getting stuck in it in the afternoon, or going through our night shifts filled with coffee stains from our third cup because we need to keep our minds awake. You may also see design quotation templates.

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Not long enough, we get tired from all of these. We long for an escape from this humdrum of a life and crave for more freedom and control of our time because we aren’t given any. We give our dreams a shot by looking for a sideline to serve as a stepping stone. Good thing we have freelancing! Freelance work gives us similar offers and sometimes more. Most of the time, we get to set our own schedule and we can work anywhere! Yes, we can. We are given the freedom to work in the comfort of our home, at the conducive atmosphere of a coffee shop, or at the beach where we get to work and relax while drinking coconut juice. But before we get to enjoy the perks, let us first know how to start a freelance work and how we should price our services using a freelance quote.

Freelance Writer Quote Template

Freelance Graphic Designer Quote Template

Importance of Quotation

In the world of freelancing, you’ll be taken advantage by some of the employers. Although it’s humbling that you price your services at a low price especially if you are still a newbie, don’t let anyone ask for you to lower it especially if you know that you have the skills to back it up and the results to show. Your lack of experience may be a factor for other employers, but you can prove to them that you have what it takes to perform the task and produce outstanding results. Having said that, a freelance quote is an essential tool that will help you explain to your client why your services are priced as such. You may also see sample business quotations.

There are different ways of making a quotation for your services. For example, in the case of website designers and programmers, the pricing can be based on an hourly rate or projects. The prices will then depend on how complicated the design or program is. So, before you price your service, make sure that you have thoroughly discussed the specifications with the client. Be highly attentive to the details and take note of all of them.

The clients usually change their minds on a whim, so constantly communicate with them and give them updates from time to time. It may sometimes get frustrating to follow their sometimes unreasonable desires but make it up by pricing them for the additional features or tasks, especially if they add it at the last minute. They sometimes get too demanding that it’s only appropriate to price their added demands. Give them an updated quotation after the system is finished so they will know how much of their requirements cost them. You may also see price quotation templates.

Perks of Working Freelance

We’ve already stated some of the perks in our introduction, so we are going dive a bit deeper here. Read on to know more about how much freedom does freelancing give people. You may also see how to create a quotation template.

1. Set your own schedule

Most people choose to go freelance because they are given the freedom to choose their sample schedule. However, there are still some employers that require their employees to report on their defined schedule, but those are just rare cases. Most of the time, the freelancers are only given a deadline for the task or a quota to reach. They can work as early as before the sun reveals itself at the horizon or as late as when the Sandman starts his shift. It depends on what schedule you are free to do the work and it doesn’t matter that much for the employers or clients as long as the tasks to you are done on time.

The advantage of having to set your own schedule is that you can allocate time for different things before you can start your work. If there are errands that need your attention, you can prioritize them first at the moment and decide to work on your tasks later. For example, you might need to go to the bank to settle some of your balances. Most, if not all banks are only open during weekdays. If you were working the 8-5 hour shift, you may have to file a leave for that day of your appointment or work under time. But, in the case of freelance work, you can go to the bank first and settle your dues and then work after. You don’t need to ask your boss for permission unless your employer asks you to. You may also see website quotation templates.

If you think about it, this much freedom gives enough time for you as a freelancer to relax and not stress yourself too much about work. Because unlike freelance, working in the office could give you much pressure especially if the environment isn’t as relaxing or comfortable as it should be. Working under pressure may give you the boost you need to get the work done but if this is constantly applied, you might be heading towards an unhealthy work habit. In some cases, this may develop into mental health concerns. But in freelance, you can easily enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, do your yoga exercises, and still be able to produce quality work after. It’s important that you take care of your mental health as much as your physical health. Personal wellness should be the utmost priority above everything else.

Having this kind of liberty is refreshing. But, although you can enjoy the power of choosing your own schedule, it is important to note that you should also be mindful of how you manage your time. You can slack off as much as you want but you should also be responsible for your tasks even if their deadline is still days or weeks later. Show professionalism and submit work on time. Also, this will add to your credentials and if you ever need testimonies about your work performance, you can show your future clients and employers the words of acknowledgment from your previous clients. It’s plus points for you! You may also see word format quotations.

2. Work anywhere!

Since most of the freelance work is done online, the clients usually allow you to do your tasks anywhere you like. You can work sipping your tea at a coffee shop or work lying down on your bed while watching the latest episode of your favorite TV series. There really isn’t a limit as to where you are going to work unless your client has told you otherwise. There are jobs that require you to have a silent environment such as doing an online tutorial. Your workplace should have no background noises or any distraction that may disrupt or negatively affect your online classes.

Although the sound of having to work anywhere is music to the ears, it should also be important to take note that you should choose places that are not only comfortable but should also be conducive for you to work. Too much comfortability will only cause more procrastination, so create a balance between it and conduciveness. These days, there are places that offer working environments that will help you focus on your work but at the same time be relaxed with it. Some people venture into this simple business to cater to students and freelancers especially those who work late night hours.

The combination of working anytime and anywhere is a tricky one. At first, you will think that this is the perfect working conditions to be able to work efficiently and produce quality outputs. But, as you experience more freelance work, you will realize that it has its downsides as well. Procrastination is always present no matter the working condition and environment, but with freelance work, it may sometimes be doubled. This is because of the thinking that you have all the time in the world and you can work anywhere you want. You get drunk with this kind of freedom and the more you bask in it, the more you get intoxicated. You may also see formal quotation templates.

As a professional, you should be mindful of how much you are going to utilize this freedom for. Be responsible for how you handle your schedule and your time so you would still be able to give your clients that quality work that they hired you for. You may also see professional quotation templates.

Sample Freelance Quote Template

Freelance Web Designer Quote Template

Are you ready to venture into freelance?

Venturing into freelance may be difficult especially if you are still starting. But don’t give up hope. There are thousands of jobs posted online and there will surely be clients who will be needing your services. You just have to patiently look for them and apply as many job postings as you can. While waiting for your prospective employers to respond to your application, polish your skills further so it will be easier for you to complete the tasks and also to impress your employers. You may also see quote sheet templates.

We hope we have helped you enough in choosing the perfect freelance quote and we wish you all the best in your endeavors. Good luck! You may also see medical quote templates.

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