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Everybody in the world wants to be something in the future. Whether it’s to become the greatest basketball player in the world or to have a business that could help the community in a large way. Those are basically goals. Goals, however, do not have to be plotted for the long run all the time They can be measured in increments. But how do we keep track on our goals and its progress? In this article, we will show and explain to you what can help you in ensuring that your goals can possibly meet if scheduled properly. You may also see free daily planner templates.

Goal Action Plan Template

goal action plan
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One can properly plot the goals he wants to achieve in specific time if one would put to good use a planner. In this case, we would call it a goal planner. We will show you one way to get your goals planned correctly and incorporating it in your planner and that is through the SMART Goals. Finally, we will be enumerating the parts of a goals planner or any planner for that matter. You will see as you read through the paragraphs that there would be templates, this will serve as a guide for you who will possibly be making a planner after reading this article.

Guide for Goal Setting and Planning

Guide for Goal Setting and Planning

Goal Setting and Planning Sample

Goal Setting and Planning Sample

Weekly Diet Goal Planner

Weekly Diet Goal Planner

Know their Significance

A smart goal is a guide for setting objectives and planning on how to achieve those objectives or goals one by one. Before creating your own SMART goals in your planner, you have to first know the definition of every letter present in that word and right after, understand it well to the point that you do not need to search google anymore for definitions in case you are looking again for the technical term. You may also see agenda planner templates.

When we begin to understand things better, we can not only interpret it in our planner but we can also spread it to our friends and make them believe it because of your knowledge of the definition of smart goals. Finally, apply what you understood in SMART GOALS. So this is S.M.A.R.T. You may also see daily planner templates.

1. S-pecific

Before you start achieving your goals one by one, you must first identify what kind of goal you want to achieve and be specific about it. Just like a picture, let it be the focus. Make it specific. Aside from stating the goal, state the things that might hinder you from achieving the goal and make a contingency plan to win over it. You may also see sample agenda planner templates.

As yourself :

  • “Can I really achieve this with the things that I have now? What can I do if I do not have enough to achieve it?”

2. M-easurable.

This is where you would analyze how long you can achieve your goal or objective.  If you can identify how long the objective can be done and achieved, it can let you choose whether to still pursue your goal, to give up, or find alternative ways to achieve it faster but still maintaining your sanity through it all.  “Plan B” can come in  really hand at these kinds of moments. You may also see weekly meal planner templates.

Ask yourself this as a guide question:     

  • How will I know when I have achieved the goal? Along the way, what will be different? How often would I fail in the process?

3. A-chievable.

It can also be referred to as attainable. This portion is where you would identify if the goal you’re trying to achieve is realistic. As the person wanting to achieve a certain goal, weigh things out and include the factors that can affect your goal like effort, money and the time it needs for you to commit to it on a daily basis. You may also see college daily planner templates.

You can ask yourself this to serve as a guide question when facing the goal you want to achieve along the way:

  • What factors can affect me in achieving the goal along the way?  What can I do if ever I fail? What would be my Plan B if I fail on the first attempt?

4. R-elevant.

Before you plan out your way to achieve something, do ask yourself if this is something you want to achieve and why so. Be critical in thinking what you are going to do and see the relevance of it. Be specific in telling yourself what makes it so relevant to you and maybe to others. Explain to yourself that achieving this goal can help in your personal growth. This part is useful especially in times when you are planning to give up. Reading the relevancy of the goal again can boost your motivation to keep on going until you have finally achieved your goal. Failure is never a stranger sadly, but I can tell you also that motivation isn’t either. You may also see monthly budget planner templates.

You can ask yourself this:

  • What makes this goal so important to achieve for me? If I will succeed, how will it affect me in the end? If I achieve this, will it change me or make me grow and if it does, why? 

5. T-imebound.

This is where you calculate the specific time when the goal is supposed to be achieved. You can better set a deadline for yourself and even on the small goals that would affect the major goal. This is also where you can prioritize what do first in the days to come to help you achieve your goal in time. You may also see sample daily task planner templates.

You can ask yourself this guide question:

  •  “When will I reach the goal? Why should it be on this date that I should be able to achieve this goal?

Goal Planning Template


Time Management Goal Planner

Time Management Goal Planner

Weekly Hourly Planner Used For Setting Goal-setting Activities

Weekly Hourly Planner used for setting Goal setting activities

Power of Goals

Power of Goals

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet

Smart Goal Planner


Goal Planner

Goal Planner

Parts of a Goal Planner

A planner is defined as a notebook or a chart where you place the plans you need or want to do on a specific date and time. This can be plotted for just a week, a month or even a full year if one is a person who likes order in his or her life. Along with that definition, there are also different kinds of planners with the same reason or objectives like a financial planner, family planner, business planner, study planner, and a goal planner.

Right now, we will be enumerating and giving you the parts of a goal planner or any kind of planner. The parts are easy to remember and its just pure common sense so you do not have to worry if the parts are too technical and hard to understand. Here are the things you should put or are present in a goal planner/general planner:

  • Date. This refers to the days in a week.
  • The number of hours to do what is necessary for helping you achieve your ultimate goal.  This is where you place the activities or things you should that can help you achieve your goal. Take each thing one step at a time and know how many hours are you willing to put in the effort to get that goal in the end. Plot your hours well so that you will still have more time for other things throughout the whole week. For example, if your goal is to get a summer body, make sure you do not over exercise yourself through the week and plot dates to push your limit instead. You may also see academic daily planner templates.
  • Break time. When doing the activities that can help you achieve your goal, always remember to take a break once in a while to get a breather. This can range from a 5 to a 10-minute break as long as you do not slack off. Just make sure you do not slack off by taking too much of your break and the next thing you know, you might end up already sleeping on the floor or playing something else. You may also see printable daily planner templates.
  • Personal time off. Make sure that when you are trying to achieve your goals in a week, have some time for yourself to reflect and relax. It is good to be goal driven but it still essential to think of the other things you could do with your life like visiting your family, going out with friends and the like. Make sure to give them time too to increase your social confidence. Get back to them from time to time and then go back into focusing to achieve your goal. This can serve as a big break for you but a healthy and effective one. You may also see printable weekly planner templates.
  • What time to work on your goal. Choose the specific time where you are not busy (include the day) and what time of the day you prefer to work on achieving your goal. Having the time by your side is good because practically, we cannot do so much in the one-time setting. If you want to work on those things to achieve that goal every night, then go. Just make sure you are still focused and ready to exert effort to bring you closer to achieving your goal. You may also see weekly planner samples.

Those are the parts that mostly make a goal planner or a general planner. In making sure whatever goal you have placed in your planner that you wish to achieve, just follow through. If one routine is not working for you, ask yourself what could be wrong and plot it down in the notes of your planner and adjust your routines or things to do in order for you to achieve a specific goal. This is something that concerns your growth and you should be serious about that. Make the goal planner as a guide and plot it properly. You may also see schedule planner templates.

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