How to Write a Job Offer Rejection Letter


It is always great to receive a job offer. It tells you that employers see you as someone who would be a great asset to their company. However, not all job offers are created equal and you may decide not to accept one and go with a better deal. What do you do then? Write a job offer rejection letter, of course!

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Here are some tips that will help you compose your letter in a polite, graceful way, so read on.

What should you include in a job offer rejection letter?

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The following components must always be included in this type of letter:

  • The date when you wrote the letter
  • Your complete name
  • The current position that you hold (if you are still employed by a company)
  • Your complete address
  • A proper salutation along with the name of the employer
  • A thank you for the opportunity and the title of the position that you were offered
  • An apologetic general statement where you decline the offer
  • The reason why you are rejecting the job offer
  • Another statement of thanks for the opportunity that you were presented with
  • Best wishes
  • Your signature

If you are sending this rejection letter via email, then you have to state the subject. This does not have to be too long as you can simply type “Job offer refusal” as the subject line.

Tips on writing a job offer rejection letter

While it may be tempting to turn down the offer verbally, it will be more professional if you turn it down with a formal letter. So, when you are writing your letter, keep these four things in mind to help ensure that your letter is properly written.

  • Be courteous. If you decline a job offer, then make sure you to do so in the nicest way possible. You do not want to seem like a jerk while doing it as it can potentially ruin your image as well as your chances of finding other job opportunities. So, all you have to do is thank all of the people who have interviewed you and wish them and the company well with their endeavors. You may also see Job Applicant Rejection Letters
  • Be diplomatic. If you have received a much better offer from another company, then do not mention any details about it in your formal rejection letter. You can state that you have found another general position that better suits your skills and knowledge, but remember to thank the company for giving you the opportunity.
  • Be brief. A rejection letter does not have to be long and it should not contain your accomplishments or credentials. Just state that you cannot accept the offer, thank the company, and leave it at that.

If you would like to learn more about this kind of topic or anything that is related to it (such as how you will go about filling up a job offer acceptance letter), then go through our site until you can find the articles that can help you.

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