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How to Write Travel Proposals

Employees need a break once in a while. One of the non-work activities which most employees enjoy is travel. Although employees get the opportunity to travel if they file for a vacation, a paid trip sponsored by the company is something different and will be appreciated more by the employees. Travel is always an enjoyable and memorable experience not only for professionals, but everyone as it soothes the mind and relaxes the body.

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Traveling to a new place or location also opens the mind to new possibilities, especially when traveling to another country. You get to experience a culture which is different from the one in your country as well as get exposed to a new language and different tasting food. This is all part of the travel experience which everyone and anyone should not miss out. Additionally, after your memorable travel, you will now be rejuvenated to get back to work and you will also be more motivated to achieve your goals.

If you are planning to organize a trip with your employees or other company personnel, you need to make a proposal first for it to be approved by the top management or the employees joining the trip. A proposal should be written so that there is a clear set of rules and guidelines for the individuals joining the trip. If you are in human resource or you are working in any department as long as you are making the travel proposal, here are some tips on how to write travel proposals.

Tips when making travel proposals

Travel proposals are not that difficult to make. They are not lengthy business documents which require long hours or even days to complete. To make the job of writing travel proposals easier, here are some tips to remember:

1. Do not forget the itinerary

If you are making a travel proposal, you should already have a schedule in mind which definitely includes your travel itinerary. The itinerary includes the transportation, accommodation, and daily schedule details. The transportation details can mean the mode of transportation you will be using going to your destination and going back from your destination. It can either be by boat, airplane, bus, or train as long as you list it all down.

Accommodation and daily schedule details should also be included as these are obviously part of your itinerary. The hotel or house you will be staying in should be included as well as your daily schedule, especially if you are planning to visit different locations or attend seminars or training sessions in different locations. It is highly suggested that you create your itinerary at least a few weeks before you submit your proposal so that you can review them and make sure the details are accurate.

2. Be reasonable with the proposal

Travel proposals, similar to other proposals, should be reasonable and should not tax the party sponsoring the trip. Specifically, the trip should not be very expensive nor should it take a long amount of time. Very lengthy travels especially for a large number of employees will definitely hamper the operations of the company since a number of employees are taking their vacations. Even if a third of the employees from different departments take a vacation together, productivity within the company will definitely decrease since some employees won’t be able to work and process some deliverables on time. The employees who are left in the office and won’t be joining the travel will have to do the work of the ones who are out of the office for an amount of time, and most of the time, the ones left in the office won’t be able to able to replicate the work since they are not accustomed to the work being done by those who are out of the office. This is being done by companies so that daily operations will still continue, although productivity and quality will sometimes be compromised.

Another suggestion when making proposals, especially when a number of people will be going on a trip, is to limit the number of the people actually going. This is an unfortunate situation, but it should be strictly followed by all employees within the company. If a large group will be going together, it should be done on a holiday or a long weekend when the company is normally closed.

3. Proofread your travel details

Details in travel proposals, as well as other business documents should be accurate. Before you print them out and submit them to you supervisor or manager for approval, they should be proofread by you or your travel companions. This is to ensure there are no problems when your manager plots your schedule when you will be out and properly delegate your work to other employees in the office. The item which you should check and double check is the schedule of the trip, especially your time of departure and time of arrival.

Company travel tips

On a side note, we also included some tips on what activities your co-employees should do as well as where you and your companions should go on your future tips.

1. For business-related trips, get yourself rested

Business trips can be very draining, especially if they are centered on seminars and training sessions. That is why you and your companions need to be well-rested so that you can proceed with your work outside the office. Additionally, if you are attending a business trip and you are not relaxed, it will carry over when you return to the office and you will feel tired, which will definitely affect your productivity. And, if you are going with a group and all of you feel tired when you return to your actual work, the productivity of the entire office will decrease and will affect your relationship with clients and stakeholders.

2. Beaches are great for company-wide trips

If your company is planning a company trip, the best suggestion is to hit the beach. Beaches are great places to relax as well as do some team-building activities in since these locations are perfect for such activities.

If you will be making the travel proposal for your company and both top and middle management will also be joining the tripp make sure that you first get their suggestions as, most likely, they will be the ones spending for the travel expenses (accommodation, food, transportation, etc.) for the entire trip.

3. Try to avoid long trips out of the country

Traveling to another county will drain you and your companions physically and mentally. Although having a trip outside the country is always memorable especially when with a group, traveling to another country for long stretches will cause some concerns for the company you are leaving your work with. Even if you or your companions have filed for a leave, your work will be transferred to another individual who may not be proficient in your tasks or, worst, your work is left untouched until you return. Additionally, one more reason to avoid long trips outside the country is that you might not want to return to your work at all since you are enjoying your vacation too much and you are already immersed in a new and much better culture.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our tips on how to write travel proposals. Similar to other business documents, travel proposals need to be detailed and should contain specific information so that it would not confuse the party (either a supervisor, manager, or client) who will be reading your submitted proposal.

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