Staying on Top of Your Business Invoicing – Invoice Templates

About to set up a new business? Confused about what to include in your Simple Customizable invoice template? There are some aspects which you can’t just afford to ignore, while there is another set which only adds to the ‘feel’ of the whole thing. As a matter of fact both are almost equally important.

invoice templates

While one only suffices for the quantitative clarity, the other maintains the aesthetic integrity. The following are the essentials for your basic invoice; don’t take them lightly, it can boost up your business right away!

Your Invoice Represents Your Insight

There are certain golden rules that need to be followed:

  • If you’re authorized for VAT, your invoice should include seller’s name and address, seller’s VAT registration number, customer’s name, invoice date, total VAT amount charged and an invoice number which should follow the latest one.
  • You should list unit prices for each element without VAT, number of such items and the net payable amount excluding VAT in your invoice to avoid any legal complication.
  • Even if you are not registered for VAT, follow these rules to make your invoice look more professional and smart.

Keep these three points in mind. Let your eyes take a quick glimpse of the following infographic and let your business flourish all the more.

Invoice Templates – Infographic