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The Importance of Job Orders in Business

No matter how big your company is and how much resources you have, there will be times when you will need to seek help from another business entity to complete a project. If your company accepts a major project, there will be a possibility that you will need to hire additional workers to help you complete the project on or before the expected time. No matter how good your project management skills may be, but if you lack the people to execute your project plans, then it will be impossible to achieve the completion date. In case you will need to hire external help, your company must fill out a job order form.

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What Is a Job Order?

According to the definition stated at the Business Dictionary website, a job order is “a written instructions to perform a work according to a specified requirements, within specified timeframe and cost estimates”. 

The other terms used to substitute a job order are work order or service tickets. It is basically an authorized and written document that contains the order for the production of good/service and/or projects. It is often used in settings where a company requires external help for the completion of the project whether it is construction, repair, production, manufacturing, or routine maintenance. However, job order is not only used to seek external help, it can also be used within the company or by customers.

The essential details that are provided on the job order can depend on the company and the type of services that they provide. Let us take for example; an IT specialist company can receive a job order from other business entities requiring development and testing of software or maintenance of computer systems. The job order will indicate the type of IT services required by the requesting party and the time period for the completion of the project.

Key Components of a Job Order Form

A job order is commonly used by companies to recruit applicants for job vacancies. However, the positions that are being offered by the company do not necessarily mean new; most of them are already existent and require applicants who can fill in the position for the completion of a project. It often helps the company to determine whether the applicant’s skills are matched with the job descriptions and requirements that are posted in the job advertisement. In this section, we have rounded up some of the key components that must be included in the job order:

A Clearly-Defined Job Position

In order for the job applicant to know whether he or she is the best candidate, the job order should clearly indicate the job title or position needed in the company.

Detailed Job Descriptions

Just like the important information that is provided on a repair order form, the job order should also provide a specified and detailed job descriptions by describing the nature of work that is expected from the applicants. It should also include the compensation and benefits packages that are to be provided to the chosen applicants.

Outlined List of Job Qualifications

Having a clearly defined list of job qualifications can greatly help the hiring party weed out the unqualified applicants from those who deserved a shot for the job. Hence, a job order should always list down the standards and qualifications that are set by the company so that the applicants will know whether they are fit for the position that is being offered. Just a look at the order template for your reference.

Stated List of Requirements

Before hiring the applicants to fill in the specific positions in your company, the requesting party should provide a list of the requirements that the applicants need to complete before they become a part of the company’s organization.

Required Skills

Applicants must possess skills and other abilities relevant to the position offered. Having the right skills can help the applicant to properly function and perform all the duties and responsibilities that are stated in the employment agreement.

How to Prioritize Job Order the Proper Way

Most of the job agencies today are wasting millions of dollars every year because they do not know how to properly prioritize the job orders effectively. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is running a recruitment agency, you probably run into this problem almost every day. Oftentimes, the scenario at your office is sitting down with your recruitment team and asking them the number of jobs that they are working on filling and the percentage about their chances of effectively filling them. While your recruitment team may feel positive about the numbers, they may be working on the same job orders at the end of the month. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of recruitment agencies that have closed while the other still find themselves stuck up in the pipeline.

In order to ensure that your team of recruiters will not be stuck up in the same job order for weeks, make sure to help them invest their time and effort working on the right job order at the right time. If you want to know the ways, read them below:

Make sure to divide the process of your job order by stages.

Proper organization is extremely crucial in the job order process. That is why if you are looking to be more organized, make sure that the whole process of recruiting applicants is segmented into stages so that it will be easier for you to track the progress of each process. Additionally, you can easily set realistic expectations when you know when the job orders are mature in your pipeline. Without having a clear vision on the quality of your team’s pipeline, you are likely to find yourself falling into a trap. You might assume that the recruitment process is running smoothly when in reality, the job order is not mature for opening and that it could be a month away from being completed. Being able to identify the problem as early as you can help you determine the right action plan to be taken, identify the significant factors, and implement the proper training and tools needed to resolve this type of problem.

Taking into Consideration the Job Order’s Lifetime Value

A lot of business experts believed that the ability of the recruiting team to handle and maintain a constant flow of revenue can be a helpful factor in determining and working valuable job orders. Oftentimes, when the recruitment agency spends on low-value orders, they are more likely to end up spending more to make up a higher value placement that is why it is highly important to carefully consider the job orders total lifetime value rather than focusing on the gross margin.

Taking into Account the Behavior of Your Client

One of the most important things a recruitment agency should consider is the client’s behavior. Many would wonder how it is in connection with job orders, evaluating your history with a certain client can help you decide whether the job order should be worth prioritizing. It is not just about making money, but it all boils down to the total lifetime value of the job orders.

The recruitment process is just only half of the story about how a job placement is made. If you want to discover the other side of the story, make sure to take some time to consider the client’s behavior. So how does this one work?

One of the indications of the best clients is that they are able to interview a high percentage of applicants that you have recommended to them. They are also able to make a quick decision and don’t force your agency to go through a lot of processes, which can cost you a lot of money in your end.

The importance of having a clear understanding of how a client behaves can give a clear overview for the coming months. Let take for example that your recruitment team starts working on a job order in January for a client who is known to have a 60-day recruitment process, you should expect to complete the job placement in March.

Having a clear understanding of how your recruitment team can effectively prioritize and lay out the job order can help you understand the schedule for the work and how they can methodically implement the process and boost their productivity.

Sample Job Order Form Templates that You Can Download and Use as References

Employee Job Order Template

Production Job Order

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Foreign Labor SWA Job Order Form

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