How to Write a Job Performance Warning Letter – 4 Templates

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Let us say that a particular employee record within your company has not exactly been producing and performing at a rate that you and the company expect. You will need to find a way that you can make the employee aware of this while still remaining professional.You may also see hr warning letters.

This is exactly why before every performance review with an employee that is under performing, you need to create and hand out a job performance warning letter. This article is going to focus on how you are going to write this type of employee warning letter so that an employee will understand why he is performing poorly.You may also see final warning letter.

Job Performance Warning Letter Template

Job Performance Warning Letter Template

Employee Warning Letter Template


Components of a job performance warning letter

If you are going to write this type of letter, then you need to include the following components:

  • A clear statement of the problem or the performance issue that the employee needs to improve on. This is basically the part where you specifically point out what duties and responsibilities in the employee’s job description that he has failed to do.
  • The impact of the employee’s poor performance on the company’s success. State if these problems can also affect the work of the employee’s coworkers and how it can make the employee’s team look bad in the eyes of the company and possibly even the public.
  • If relevant, put in a timeline when the employee’s performance must improve. This will help you see if the employee is able to improve everything that needs to be improved within the appropriate time period.You may also see job warning letter.

job performance warning template

  • If relevant, place a deadline or a due date when the supervisor will again re-evaluate the employee’s performance. The point of doing this is so that the employee knows that he has a limited amount of time before he will be evaluated again in terms of performance.You may also see warning notice template.
  • The signature of the supervisor or the manager of the employee. If you are the supervisor or the employee’s manager, placing your signature on the letter will show the employee just how serious the matter is.
  • The signature of the employee who is the main focus of the warning letter. Along with the signature, there should be a personal statement that once the employee has placed his signature on the document, it will officially mean that the employee has read through the contents of the letter and understood it. This does not necessarily state that the employee agrees with everything written in the letter.You may also see free termination letter.
  • State in the letter of employment has the opportunity to object, in writing, to its contents. The employee is given the chance to defend himself or the employee may express frustration and anger at the claims and so forth. Any rebuttals that the employee has will be attached to the original warning letter

If you would like to learn about how you can write performance simple warning letters or anything else that is related to the topic (such as how to submit a termination letter to a problematic employee), then all you have to do is go through our site and read the other available articles.

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