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Five-Minute Journal Templates – PDF

A journal is something that we keep so we can track our daily activities and the most important moment of our lives. Several ways of journaling have come to rise since the trend started not so long ago. One of the ways of journaling is the five-minute journal. In five minutes, you can make a journal that sums up how your day went. It focuses more on the positive aspects of life rather than on the negative. You may also see excel journal templates.

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A five-minute journal is a short entry that one must fill in every day. If you need a sample template on how to come up with one, check out our collection for some ideas. You may also see word journal templates.

Five-Minute Journal Introduction Template

Five-minute journals are split into half: the morning routine and the night routine. The morning routine usually starts off with a section where you express gratitude for the things that you have in your life right now. The next one is writing about the things that could make the present day great. Write down what you think will make your day. It should be something that stays with you for the rest of the day. The last one for the morning routine is the affirmation. This is where you affirm what you feel and the state of your mind as of the moment. You may also see best journal paper templates.

The night routine is only made up of two sections. First is the retelling of what happened in your day. You need to give a very short summary of what happened today. You can also write the most important thing that happened. Next is writing about what could have made your day better. Write down that one thing that you should have done. You may also see travel journal templates.

After writing, read the whole entry and you’d be amazed at the ideas that come into your mind. You can now determine what to do the next time the same situation arises. It gives you a chance to change the things you so wanted to change. After several entries in your journal, you’d see how far you have come. You may also see personal journal templates.

Simple Five Minute Journal Template

Purpose of Five-Minute Journals

Five-minute journals serve a lot of purpose than just a mere writing exercise. These purposes help the person in becoming a better version of himself. Every purpose is suited for every kind of person. Here are the purposes of a five-minute journal:

1. Setting of Goals

A five-minute journal enables you to set goals that you need to achieve in a short span of time. These goals should be realistic and achievable within the day. It does not have to be anything grand or spectacular. A simple objective or thing that you have been wanting to do is enough. These goals will help you strive hard and work better on yourself and your relationship with the people around you. You may also see reflective journal templates.

2. Reflection

Five-minute journals serve as some sort of reflection of how life has been in the past few months, in this reflection, you get to see how far you have gone and what you still need to achieve in the future. These reflections will help you in organizing your thoughts and priorities in life. You may also see fitness journal templates.

3. Having a Positive Mindset

Since five-minute journals focus on the positive aspects, it conditions your mind on focusing on the more positive and brighter side of life. With a positive mindset, you would survive anything life throws at you. Positive thinking helps you get through the bad days. It would also teach you to lean on the happier side of things than wallowing on what’s not there anymore. You may also see journal website templates.

4. Practice Writing Short, Understandable Sentences

A single entry of a five-minute journal is two pages long. It gives the owner the discipline of writing in short sentences full of thought. It is a breeding ground for short form of writing that sometimes come in handy when needed. These sentences are easy to understand due to its short, straightforward and quick form of writing. You may also see bullet journal templates.

5. Improving Oneself

A section of a five-minute journal is devoted to improving oneself. Write down the things you want to improve on yourself and how you are going to do it. It does not have to belong. After writing them down, practice each habit and over time, you’ll find yourself slowly improving. You may also see gratitude journal templates.

6. Give Yourself Ideas

Writing a five-minute journal allows you to get some ideas on what to work on more with your life. Sometimes it goes beyond this. A five-minute journal can be a springboard for ideas if you love writing narratives or any other forms of creative writing. A lot can come into your mind with these kinds of journals.

7. Visualize the Future

What you write in your journal will help you visualize your future. It gives you ideas on what to do in the upcoming years of your life and how to achieve them one by one. Let’s just say that in a few years, you want to have a permanent position in the organization you are currently in, or you have finished saving up for your dream house. Somewhere along the corners of your journal, you come up with things that you could do for the future. You may also see magazine journal blog templates.

8. Express Gratitude

Five-minute journals have a section where you can express your gratitude for the good things happening in your life. Always keep track of the good and thank the heavens for it. There is so much to be happy about in life than being sad about the things that are not meant to be. You may also see food journal templates.


Five-minute journals are best for people who love writing short sentences. This is not suited for people who love writing and expanding their ideas. With this, the ideas are contained in a few words and packed with so much sense. Five-minute journals are good to read and make you live your life with intention and purpose. You may also see reading journal templates.

It is best to start doing a five-minute journal now. It becomes a habit later on. You’ll get to know yourself more and enables you to keep an eye on your goals and future endeavors. You may also see garden journal templates.

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