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Your teenage years might have been so typical that it became predictable enough. Only back then, you didn’t know anything about teenage angst and how you were supposed to go through it. Or that it was just a phase that a typical American teenager has to go through. That no matter how hard your peers were making it for you, because you didn’t blend in with the crowd, it will still come to pass and one day, you’ll be looking back, laughing all about it. And so here you are. Opening that diary of yesteryear, remembering what it felt like, relieved that you were able to get out of it, unscathed. You may also see writer journal template.

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Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

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Journals and Journal-Writing

You might have kept that diary hidden beneath your pillow, under your mattress or locked in a safe place at home, probably not in your locker or in your bag, if you were smart enough to know that it could end up in the wrong hands. It contains your deepest fears and greatest dreams, your disappointments, happiness, an alternate world you can escape to, with everything else in between. Because that’s how it should be. That’s basically what a diary or journal is for, teenager or not. You may also see music journal templates.

It’s your confidante and it’s something that gives you the kind of freedom you can only get out of having to pour yourself without fear of judgment or punishment from other people who would dare to say what you feel is wrong. It probably felt good to have that kind of release, knowing that by writing down everything you can’t make sense out of, or just trying to think out loud using the pages and your pen, the world was so much clearer, and your view was cleared of the dust and cloud that came with confusion and noise of the world we are living in. You may also see gratitude journal templates.

Journaling is the act of simply writing down your feelings and your thoughts so that you can understand them more clearly, rather than having to spend sleepless nights with your thoughts in maze you cannot get out of. It is especially helpful when you already have signs of anxiety and when you’re struggling with stress which would eventually lead to depression if you’re not careful. Keeping a journal will help you regain control and take your mind and emotions back to a safe place where you are their master again so that you can better keep track of your mental health, which is very important, what with the growing concern of mental health issues among the country’s youth and adults.

How to Journal

There’s no hard and fast rules to the proper way of writing in a journal or in bullet-journaling, which means you’re free to go about it, any way you want to, because a bullet journal is your to-do list, planner and diary crammed in one writing place. If you don’t think that’s not good enough, then no type of writing just for the heck of clearing your mind and heart, is.

1. Make it a habit. Try writing everyday. This will help encourage the habit of setting aside a few minutes of your nine-to-five life daily for writing in a page of your journal. You may also see accounting journal templates.

2. Easy does it. Keep a pen and paper handy at all times so that when you feel like taking down your own thoughts and whenever you’re overwhelmed with feeling so many things all at once, you can. You’re also free to use templates of bullet journals and keep it in your computer file to fill in every day, if you prefer to do it the digital way.

3. Write whatever feels right. Again, there’s no rule for bullet journaling. You don’t have to follow any structure whatsoever, because whatever feels right for you will be comfortable. You’re the boss. This is your own private refuge to discuss or even rant about whatever you want. Let the words flow and worry about spelling and grammar later. This isn’t your English writing composition, so don’t worry about what your professor or other people might think. You aren’t writing for an audience this time. You’re writing for yourself. Remember that. You may also see learning journal templates.

Bullet Journals

If you have no idea what a bullet journal is supposed to be, think about it as a cross between a planner, dairy and a to-do list so you can consider it very handy for keeping a good record of your mental well-being. If you take the time to research about different designs of bullet journal, you’ll find so many fun, playful, simple and easy layouts or designs for tracking your thoughts and different moods, symptoms of anxiety and anything else that would help you take better control of your mental state. You don’t have to be an expert in journal writing to utilize what’s available because many of them can be done in your own notebook or any material that you can turn into a journal. Better yet, you can have it done in a simple journal with blank pages. You may also see food log templates.

1. Planners will do

The planner is visually simple and that’s a good thing for most people who love to make to-do lists as an important part of their planning, as what you have written will be clear standout, and easy to spot at a glance for when you need reminding yourself what else you have to accomplish in a day. You can also maximize it by creating monthly pages so you can have long-term plans which would also be easy to see. You may also see learning log templates.

2. It inspires productivity

Most people hate seeing what they listed as unaccomplished or tasks that have been unaccounted for. For example, if you see that you haven’t sent that email to a colleague yet and the checkbox corresponding it isn’t marked, then you’d be pushed to get it done right away so that you can have the checkbox filled and marked, rendering the task complete. You may also see travel journal templates.

It’s a good feeling to see that that at the end of the week, you were able to have all the rest of your listed tasks completed, making you feel that you have accomplished a lot so that you can have your weekend all to yourself, without the worry of things that have been put off during the week. You may also see food journal templates.

3. It’s a great way to keep lists

When you have started making a list and checking it twice, as that good old Christmas song goes, you tend to add things on it, as you go. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself turning to a blank page for a new list of books to read, things to do, places to go, and so much more. It helps you keep track of both short and long-term goals. You may have a list of Marvel movies you want to catch up on or destinations for your future adventures. Whatever it is, your journal has a place for it, so it won’t just be forgotten. You may also see prayer journal templates.

4. It’s great for tracking long-term goals

You’re probably one of those people who still lists down his new year’s resolutions at the start of the year. Or maybe you have dedicated a page for special occasions to attend for this year alone so that you can send out gifts, cards and letters on time if you won’t make it to every one of them. Each time you get one of them done, or each time a date finally passes, you can already put a checkmark on it and proceed to the next one. By the end of the year, you won’t have missed out on anything important and as you check the page, you will know whether or not you have succeeded on a goal. Whatever you need to remember, whatever you need to monitor and double-check, would be right in your jounal. You may also see five-minute journal templates.

Bullet journaling have gone on to be one of the most popular trends of the past few years, although it’s safe to say that journaling per se, isn’t really going anywhere because it isn’t dependent on pop culture, keeping up with trends or anything similar. It’s described as a customized and forgiving organizational system,” which in many ways it really is, since it’s a planner, a sketchbook, a diary and a to-do list all rolled into one. While some people may take that as an odd way of organizing, there have been many benefits to writing down and keeping a bullet journal. Just the thought of being in charge of your mental wellness is enough to get one of your own.  You may also see music journal template.

Bullet Journal Guide

Bullet Journal Banners and Doodles

You may have finally ditched the journal and kept it hidden for a long time, part of a past you mostly feel unnecessary to revisit, but the same concept and benefits of what we know as journaling still applies, even when you already reached adulthood and although you feel like you’re more in control of your mind and your emotions, you still need some sort of release for the sake of your sanity, like the rest of us, once in a while, or probably as often as you need to.  You may also see bullet journal templates.

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