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In this modern age where cameras capture important moments in our lives, we sometimes forget that these moments can also be immortalized by writing them on paper. Our everyday lives are full of mishaps, surprises, and random moments that it’s difficult to contain all of them in our head. The journal acts as a canvass where we can spill our thoughts into. Every page turns into a different movie scene or an episode of a TV series of our own reality show. And, with every shift of the scenes, we get a glimpse of realizations that we think we wouldn’t be able to notice and the more we write, the more we get attached to it. You may also see writer journal template.

25+ FREE NOTEBOOK & JOURNAL Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

There’s an unexplainable emotion swelling inside us when we scribble down our own thoughts. For some of us, we consider our journals as a place of refuge where no one can dictate us on how we express ourselves. It’s a silent listener that we can confide our secrets to; a confidant that doesn’t judge us with our mistakes and uncharacteristic behaviors. We can be ourselves with the words inked with blotches by our overused pen. With every curve and every dot, we are free. Have you found your journal yet? If you still haven’t, take a look at the list of free journal templates that we have prepared for you below.

Free Personal Journal Template

free personal journal template 788x1020

Free Nature Journal Template

free nature journal template 788x1020

Free Weekly Journal Template

free weekly journal template 788x1020

Why Write a Journal?

There are preconceived notions that journals are like the adult versions of teenage diaries, and still are all about the bratty and selfish thoughts written on it. While that may be true to some extent, there’s more to it than just scribbles of rants. You can write about your smart goals, the life questions that are constantly floating around your head, and the emotions that you can’t express but only through writing. There are a lot of things that will help you in life when you write a journal, and these are some of them:

1. Helps you have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals

By writing about what you believe in, why you believe it, how you feel about it, and what your goals are, you get to understand these things better and clearer. The reason for this is that you get to untangle all the knots from the mental clutter. It makes you think about why you do what you do and why you feel what you feel. You may also see music journal templates.

Let’s have our job as an example. Perhaps you have been working for the same company for years now, but the thing is, you don’t like it one bit. You would think that since its paying your bills, it’s easy to just suck it up and keep working with your head down, going through it like it’s normal not to like your job. You see that nobody is complaining about it, so why should you? But, by writing these thoughts into the journal, you can see things straight and understand them better. You may also see gratitude journal templates.

Clearly, you don’t like your job. You feel like it’s taking away your happiness and satisfaction that you should be feeling right now, and that you can’t see spending the rest of your future there. The other workers might be fine with it, but you aren’t. You now know that you have to do something about and that you have only arrived at this answer because you have written it in your journal. Writing it on paper helped you to be honest with yourself. You may also see accounting journal templates.

2. Improves mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus

The one thing that journals are best for is clearing the mental clutter. When you write your problems on paper, you create a space for thoughts that would be able to help you solve the problems instead of storing them. You don’t have to constantly think about the problem because you can just look and read it on the paper in case you need to check on it. You may also see learning journal templates.

For example, when you are multitasking, your thoughts become entangled with each other. More often than not, we attend to these tasks all at once, which results to not actually completing any of the tasks. When you write these tasks in your journal, you create a checklist template for them. In the journal, write the details regarding their deadlines and the resources needed to be gathered to complete them. This will help you sort out the tasks according to their priorities and you would be able to allocate the necessary time to act upon them.  You would then be able to focus and reason your tasks out, and this is a useful and indispensable skill to have.

Free Journal for Personal Relationship Template

free journal for social and personal relationships template 788x1182

3. Improves insight and understanding

As you continue to improve your mental clarity, you become more open to insights you may have missed before. As you write your notes out, it’s like you are having an intimate and meaningful conversation with yourself. This helps you draw out the insights that you might have missed out before; it’s like there are two people working together to extract those thoughts out. This kind of insight can only be available to the person who has invested the time and effort connect with and understand themselves in the form of writing. You may also see travel journal templates.

Once you have written down all the insights swirling in your mind, new insights manifest as you read through them. Are you willing to sacrifice the job you are passionate about for a job that’s practically offering a higher salary or vice versa? What is the next step after you graduate from college? Have you let go of the people who toxic enough to change you from who you really are? You may also see food journal templates.

Have you finally realized that the people who you sacrifice so much for don’t really feel the same way for you? These kinds of thoughts emerge from going through the insights over and over again. The answers to these questions may not immediately be figured out, but at least they are there to be thought of from time to time. Who knows? You might just come up with an answer one day without expecting it. You may also see prayer journal templates.

4. It tracks your overall development

Life slips by so fast the mostly don’t get to look back that often and realize how far we have come. But, by writing in the journal, we get to take a peek at our old selves again. The journal contains all the thoughts that we have gathered from the moment we started writing on it. It’s like a museum that shows the different stages of our lives, from being the angsty teenager to a woke and more matured young adult. There’s so much progress that we have made that it can only be captured through the writings in our journal.

As you go through your journal entries, you would feel a bit nostalgic and sometimes embarrassed by the immature and dramatic moments that would now look comedic. Aside from the entertainment that it gives you, you also get to realize that you have indeed changed. These changes may not all be for the better, but it shows personal growth and that there are things that you thought you wouldn’t become and achieve but here you are now: living the life that resulted from going through all the ups and downs in life.

As you look back, you would think that the journey has been long before you arrived at where you are now, and that life still has many things to offer and the journey can only go as far as where your feet will take you. Live and continue to write. You may also see five-minute journal templates.

Free Reflective Journal Template

free reflective journal template 788x1020

Free Daily Journal Template

free daily journal template 788x1020

Free Journal Module Template

free journal module template 788x1020

Free Journal Writing Template

free journal writing template 788x1020

Are you ready to pour your heart out?

At this moment, we are sure that you have already picked out the perfect journal template that you will be writing your daily thoughts on. They can be easily downloaded by clicking or tapping the download button found beside every template. You are then ready to write your entries after you download them. It’s up to you if you are going to encode these entries or print the templates and write on them. You may also see music journal template.

When you do write your journal entries, don’t hold yourself back. This is your time to fully express yourself through your words. There’s no one to judge you in your own little world. Be as dramatic as you can be. Manifest your anger when your heart goes broken. Write how happy you were when you finally graduated from college. Your journal is your best friend who will not judge you for anything that you write. Be as poignant as you can be and let your heart out. You may also see bullet journal templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect design for your journal. Bookmark this article so you can share it with your family and friends that may be in need of journal templates. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and goals in life. Happy writing!

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