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The best of homemakers never run out of things to work on, in improving what they can inside or outside of the house. Whether it is getting a new furniture to make the living room cozier, or repainting the fence, they become somehow the most unstoppable version of themselves. Such commitment is impressive but it is not enough to save the garden or the exterior from being overlooked sometimes. To the relief of those who love their lawn so much, keeping a record and taking down notes on your garden’s development or improvement plan, makes the task more manageable. Especially when you toy with the idea of making the whole thing outside even more appealing. No matter how responsible and committed you are, some things are difficult to master, and gardening is one of them.

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Water Garden Journal Template

Printable Garden Journal Template

Learning Garden Journal Sample

On Garden Goals

You cannot rely on the available resources or the remains of what your beautiful yard once was. If you are serious about your gardening and wants to really improve not only the look but also the plants growing in your garden, then you can be sure to never run out of options as there is a number of tools to choose from. But keeping it organized will be better, by taking down notes on what supplies you lack, or what part of the garden needs working on. There’s an abundance of resources available for your reference on the internet on how to go about creating a journal to log your garden activities on. There are also a good number of stores offering what you need to do some changes for your garden, be it seeds of plants you want to grow and enough supply on fertilizers and other stuff you need. You may also see writer journal templates.

Garden Journals

If you do not want to lose the curb appeal of your house, this could be the time to make a journal and take it one step higher by including a calendar for growing your plants and monitoring their growth as well as challenges you encounter at a specific time of the season or the year, in your gardening project. Keeping a garden journal has been quite popular as more and more people want to start their home improvement projects by working in the front yard, and rightfully so. Plant nurseries are still there, and sometimes, upgrading a garden includes ornaments and a little piece of furniture that you can add. You may also see education journal templates.

Once you have gathered the supplies you need, the next step is creating the journal by keeping things settled first, like securing tags for the plants and having proper seed packets and slipping them inside sleeve pockets. Having markings for separate sections of the yard and highlighting them accordingly in your journal, would be better. Everything will be where they should be, so you can start with notes-taking on the journal. This is where the tag packets will be very helpful since it gives you an instant idea of what type of plants you planted and where they are supposed to be located. You’ll be able to monitor both sides of the plant beds and have proper labels, including all the growing notes you have managed to write down. You may also see coffee journal templates.

Sample Garden Journal

Gather Supplies

You do not just go into one store and expect to get all that you have listed. Narrow down your list and cross out anything unnecessary. This is the best way to go, for so many obvious reasons. Just think about the equipment you would need, like plants of different kinds, material and everything else that a gardening project or makeover would demand. These things do not come cheap when added up together. That is why keeping record would be helpful, to manage your expenses and budget for it. Otherwise, you would not have much of a garden if you make do with processes and strategies that can be troublesome more than it can be helpful. You may also see journal paper templates.

You do not want to waste money on stuff and efforts that could be rendered rather useless. Do your journal and write down your plan before and when the actual gardening happens. For now, make a shortlist of all the things you need to secure. After which, you can check with experts or go online to be more familiar how this works. Messing it up would be just as disastrous to your budget. You may also see journal website themes.

Save Money

A journal also makes for a better alternative to just having a design plan for what you want the garden to look like and what stuff you want including, to make it more appealing, if you want to be practical, and save money in the process. Believe it or not, you can really save money because you would be able to keep track of the tools you need by listing them down before going garden-shopping. Having a journal would allow you to double check whether or not the seeds or materials you are picking is truly something you need or something your garden can do without. You may also see photography journal templates.

Write Things Down

While you are going over your notes, edit it if necessary, so that you have an organized record of what else needs to be done and what you have accomplished so far. Then again, it is easier said than done, especially if you are not that prepared for a garden overhaul just yet. With the tools available for you to purchase there and the right way to guide you through it by having a journal, your road to getting your garden back is more than possible. You may also see inspirational journal templates.

Garden Journal Form

Best Garden Journal Sample

Economic Gardening Journal

Writing down your plans for your garden may seem quite simple and a tad ordinary, but it’s a great way to keep your focus in restoring your yard’s curb appeal by being determined and committed to having a garden that grows flowers and plants, and a garden that would earn the nods and appreciation of both guests and your family again. Because writing a journal for your gardening goals is more than just a strategy of restoring your garden’s old wonders. You may also see excel journal templates.

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