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Even when you’re surrounded with people who you can share drunk moments or do foolish things with, there are times when you feel that you can’t share any of your intimate, unspoken thoughts and decide to keep them tucked away instead. Despite the exhilaration that these experiences give, there’s still a part of you that you want to keep for yourself or you just can’t bring them up for various reasons.You may also see fitness journal templates

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Maybe you want to keep these things private, away from unsolicited judgments and insensitive remarks, or you simply want to relish them in silence, inking them word after word on your journal.You may also see academic journal templates.

A journal can simply be a diary where you write your daily experiences or it can also be used for taking down notes in your studies. Journals have been used by scientists, poets, adventurers, and just about anyone who loves to write down their thoughts. Writing in your journal is a form of release that everyone has to experience. It can be your friend who can listen to you without prejudice and a companion to vent to in times of unbearable emotional turmoil. You may also see Dialectical Journal Templates

Printable Weekly Journal Template

printable weekly journal template 788x1020

Printable Journal for Social and Personal Relationships Template

printable journal for social and personal relationships template 788x1182

Printable Daily Journal Template

printable daily journal template 788x1020

Printable Journal Module Template

printable journal module template 788x1020

Reasons Why You Should Have a Journal

When you hear the word “journal”, the first things that come to mind are academic writings and diaries. It’s a keeper of secrets and unfiltered thoughts where you can decide whether to have it exclusively read by you or to share it with the world. There are a lot of things that you can do with your journal and a variety of benefits that you might have overlooked. Here we have some of the reasons why you should have a journal and why you should keep it.You may also see bullet journal templates.

1. Daily Reflection

Our daily lives are full of happenings, even if they seem mediocre sometimes. These moments can sometimes be that — ordinary moments passing by every minute. But, if you look closer, they may give you insights that make you reflect on yourself. Having a moment of introspection initiates self-awareness. You get to know yourself more as you express yourself through writing and at times when you get carried away, you might be surprised as to how much of your heart you have poured into it. The more you get lost in writing, the more you discover parts of yourself.You may also see bullet journal templates.

Not only do these reflections help in self-awareness but it also helps in looking things at different standpoints. As the days pass by, you would read your entries and acquire cuts and pieces of insights that may help you go through life.

2. Exploring Your Thoughts

The deeper you dive, the more you see but the darker it gets — or it could be brighter if that’s the case for you. Whenever there’s something that you thought about, write it in your journal especially if you feel that you won’t remember that thought as the day goes by. Write them down so you can think of them later.You may also see general journal templates.

Write about failing your test today and how much it hurt. Write about seeing the countless stars and wondering how much the moon would be lonely without them at night. Write about how happy you were singing at a karaoke night with your friends but still ended up feeling empty after. Write about despite the struggles you have encountered, your smile still won’t fade because you constantly think about how proud your family would be to see you succeed in life. No matter how small or big the moments are if they made you realize something, write them down in your journal.You may also see journal writing templates

These thoughts may seem irrelevant at first but as you get older, they may teach you a lesson you didn’t think they would be able to give. All this time you were looking for an inspiration to draw strength from but little do you know that it was there all along. It just wasn’t clear at the time. As you grow, your perspective changes as well as your understanding, and these words will have more meaning than just mere scribbles on paper.You may also see learning journal templates

3. Remember Your Past Self

A journal is a record of your personal history — all your right and wrong decisions, the people you met along the journey, and the important events that molded you for who you are today are written on it. As these writings pile up, they become a testament to the ups and downs of your life. All your worries and fears, your happiness and your tears — everything is proof of who you were.You may also see Accounting journal templates

When you read back the journal entries, you remember who you were and you will see the mistakes you have made in the past. As you read through them, you can take note of what they are to avoid repeating them.

4. Keep Track of Important Decisions

A journal can be a useful tool to keep track of the important decisions you make in life. And with these decisions written in your journal, you will be able to look back and see the choices you have made to be where you are today. It’s in natural chronological order of your progress, so it’s easier to track down these decisions.You may also see food journal templates.

5. See Your Progress

As you wade through the river of life, your experiences pile up. You gain knowledge from these experiences and little by little, you grow learn and grow. You begin to change and improve yourself by pondering on your daily experiences. Progress takes time and it may take longer than what you expected. You did not become the person your are overnight, right? Progress is a perpetual process so long as you continue to live and learn.You may also see bullet journal templates

With a journal, you get to see how far you have become and why you have reached the point of where you are now.

6. Improve Organizational Skills

Journals are structured. Starting and maintaining a journal requires great dedication to write an entry frequently and to organize and structure your life line by line — like the lines and paragraphs of a journal.

7. Figure What’s Important To You

The meaning of our lives is a very subjective matter. We see and experience things uniquely. Your journal can be a witness for your desires and dedication to reach for your dreams and aspirations. One by one, you list them down on your journal. And as the list and entries go on, you slowly get to figure out what’s important to you. It’s about narrowing down the important details and prioritizing them.You may also see food journal templates

8. Interactions With Life

You meet a lot of people in your lifetime. Some of them may stay with you longer than others, but that doesn’t mean that those who have already left made an impact on your life. The people we meet impart us something that we can carry along the journey, and what better way to keep them than writing them on your journal? From time to time, you might find yourself reading them again and realize how you never needed them until then.You may also see gratitude journal templates

9. Improve Your Writing

Despite what everybody says, we all are writers in our own right. We have different stories to tell, different experiences to share. You will eventually improve the grammar, structure, and personal style in writing as well as how you tell your story. The narrative will be more relatable and easy to comprehend and your vocabulary will broaden.You may also see prayer journal templates

10. Emergency Situations

Your journal is a series of documented experiences which can be used in emergency situations such as being in a lawsuit. This is when the journal is important in these situations where the record of the actual happenings are written on your journal.You may also see garden journal templates.

Printable Reflective Journal Template

printable reflective journal template 788x1020

Printable Journal Writing Template

printable journal writing template 788x1020

Printable Personal Journal Template

printable personal journal template 788x1020

Printable Nature Journal Template

printable nature journal template 788x1020

Are you ready to write on your journal?

The journal templates that we have presented can cater to any kind of entry, whether it’s personal, academic, or anything else entirely. These templates are also in PDF and Microsoft Word format, so you can open them using their respective software programs. And, you can also edit them since they are editable. Although, it is important to take note that PDF files are not commonly editable, so you may have to convert them into another format to be able to edit them. You can find online file conversion sites that will convert a PDF file into that of Microsoft Word or any format available on the site.You may also see travel journal templates.

Writing a journal can be difficult to maintain especially if you are still starting. The key here is consistency. If you keep writing on a daily basis or at a frequency that you are comfortable with, this will eventually turn into a habit. The more you write, the more your mind and body is accustomed to doing it. And don’t worry if your writing isn’t as perfect as you hoped it would be. Just keep on writing and you will gradually see the progress you make with your entries. Of course, exposing yourself to various writing styles by occasionally reading different prints will help you achieve the kind of output you want in your entries. Also, you might want to read articles about proper grammar and structuring to improve your writing further.You may also see reading journal templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the right printable journal template. As the title of this article says, the templates are printable so you can open the file and print the journals on the get-go. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and never stop writing. Good luck and have fun! You may also see reflective journal templates

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