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What You Need to Know about Lease Application Forms

Traditionally, individuals form business and professional relationships by virtue of verbal contracts and agreements. However, because of the increasing cons of verbal contracts, which are prone to disputes and abuses, written business agreements come to play. One of the fundamental and widely created agreement is the lease agreement. This type of agreement safeguards the relationship and rights of both the lessor and the lessee.

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The lessee, who is the one renting or leasing the property of the lessor, must ensure that he or she can exercise his or her rights smoothly and free from any arbitrary intervention of the lessor. On the one hand, the lessor, as the owner of the property, has the right to make conditions and stipulations regarding the lease agreement that will ensure the protection and preservation of his or her property.

This is where lease application forms work their magic. Since lease agreements involved proprietary rights, the lessor can reasonably scrutinize the lessee’s personal and professional background as long as the privacy rights of the lessee is not affected. Lease application forms are straightforward and simple. However, there are various factors to consider. To fully understand how they work, this post provides basic principles and guidelines in creating lease agreement forms and how you can benefit from using them.

Application for Master Lease Agreement

Residential Lease Application Form

Understanding Lease Application Forms

A lease application form is a document that is utilized by the lessor or owner of the property to gather information from the interested and prospective lessee and thereafter subject it for assessment and screening. Similar to job application forms that are used to screen applicants in order to know if they are suitable for the job post, lease applications also work that way. Furthermore, here are some points that you may consider and ponder upon:

A Step toward Building an Agreement

As we all know, lease agreements are only created upon the duly acceptance and approval of the lessor of the prospective lessee’s application. Applicants must fill in and complete an application form before he or she can proceed with the other stages of application. The information inputted by the applicant enables the lessor to know both the financial and professional background of the former. However, if he or she is not convinced that the applicant has the capacity to proceed with the lease, the former can freely deny the application.

A Tool in Preventing Fraud and Misrepresentation

It is undeniable that this type of application form fosters a sound documentation and exchange of information. It is more reliable rather than merely relying on verbal exchanges. In the course of assessing the applicant’s detail, it is more easy and convenient for the lessor to verify and validate the inputted details of the applicant. We all know that fraud and misrepresentation is not easy to avoid; however, its adverse effects can be mitigated and prevented.

These are some basic reasons why lease application forms are important. In structuring your form, you should holistically consider the nature of the property, your preferences, and most importantly, security measures.

Lease Application Information Form

Property Lease Application Form

Permit Lease Application Form

Space Rental Application

Application to Rent or Lease

Sample Form for Rental Application

Apartment Rental Application Form

Corporate Rental Application

Rental Application Form

Simple Rental Application Form

Sample Residential Rental Application Form

Blank Residential Rental Application

Generic Apartment Rental Application Form

 House Rental Application in PDF

Blank Apartment Rental Application

Property Management Rental Application

Property Rental Application Form Template

Agreement to Lease Rental Application Form

Lease Rental Application Form

Free Private Lease Agreement Template

Sample Commercial Rental Application

Office Space Rental Application Letter in Word

Prospective Tenant Application Form

Landlord Rental Application Template

Rental Application for a Business Account

Application for Commercial Lease

Lease Extension Application Form

 Commercial Real Estate Rental Application Form

Organizing and Lease Application Forms

To further enhance the quality of your forms, here are some tips and tricks that you may refer to:

Know and understand the nature of property subject of lease.

The questions in the lease agreement form must conform to the characteristics of the property. Bear in mind that the contents of the form are considered as one of the primordial foundations of the lease agreement. All the relevant and pertinent information and included in it. In terms of the dynamics of the property, any type of property can be a subject matter of a lease application form. Here are some pertinent types of property that are common across countries:

  • real property, which can either be for residential or commercial reasons; and
  • personal property

Regardless of the type of property, the technical description must be embedded in the form. This is done in order for the applicant to know the exact condition of the property he or she is applying for a lease.

Provide questions about the personal and professional background of the applicant.

Like any other business form templates, the basic details of the applicant must be provided. Here are some information that must be filled in by the applicant:

  • complete name;
  • updated contact addresses including his or her professional email address;
  • work-related or professional background; and
  • government-related identifiers such as social security number, taxpayer identification number, and the like.

Furthermore, the relevant information pertaining to the lessor or owner of the property must also be included. This is to ensure that he or she legitimately and validly owned the property.

Set up clear terms and conditions.

At the outset, the applicant must know what are the set major terms and conditions of the lessor before the application is approved by the latter. Under the law on property, the owner of the property has the legal right to stipulate reasonable and licit terms and conditions to secure the preservation of his or her property. Since there are various factors to consider such as the nature of the property, the terms of the lease, the context of both the applicant and the owner of the property, the preferences of the lessor, and many more, the application form must be diligently and meticulously made so that the said considerations are reflected. They should know what to include and what not to include.

What Not to Include in the Lease Application Form

The quality and efficacy of a lease application form truly depends on its content and structure. As regards to the content, you should come up with a comprehensive and holistic outline. Because there are various templates provided here, it is easy for you to know the essential inclusions. Other than that, you should also know what aspects or types of questions that you should not include or remove in your form such as the following:

Similar to business plans and strategic plans, a well-organized application form is a product of a thorough and holistic planning initiatives. Coming up with clear and straightforward objectives is a good way to start your application form. Recruitment and hiring processes work well if there are agreed and sound objectives.

  • Irrelevant questions that are not related to the thrust of the application form
  • Confidential and sensitive information
  • Oppressive and discriminatory questions
  • Questions about the political point of view and religious beliefs of the applicant
  • Other unreasonable questions

As much as possible, refrain from asking the applicant questions that are foreign to the subject matter of the application. Every single detail in the form must be relevant to the lessor and the lessee especially in safeguarding their rights and ensuring full compliance of their obligations, if ever the application will be approved.

Formatting Strategies and Tips

Nowadays, there are a series of software and application programs that made it easy and convenient for lessors to manage and update their forms. Lease application forms are now available either online or offline. In line with this, here are some formatting techniques that you may consider:

Make use of relevant automated tools.

Examples of such tools are MS Excel and Word for offline usage and Google Docs or Sheets for online usage. By using these tools, data entry is made easy because of the form-making and editing features. As regards to Google Docs and Sheets, they are accessible and shareable. Interested applicants can access your forms even if they are in their respective homes. Furthermore, there are also a variety of application form templates that you may research online to broaden and enrich your knowledge with such forms. Rather than starting from scratch, you can have credible references and benchmarks.

Always personalize your form.

Coming up with a generic application form is frowned upon. This is because such decision of yours can subject your property to unforeseen dangers. Bear in mind that the condition and contexts of a property involved varies. As much as possible, customize your form and be original.

Consider the behavioral dynamics of the applicant.

Notwithstanding the complexity and subjectivity of the human behavior, you can still add questions that will unravel how the applicant deals with a certain situation. This is one way of ensuring that you can establish a healthy relationship with the applicant that is built on trust and confidence.

And lastly, adopt a formal and professional formatting. Consider the following:

  • use legible and formal font styles,
  • use the standard margins,
  • use simple and comprehensible language and terminologies, and
  • proofread your form.

Indeed, dealing with application forms involve careful planning and preparation. Take note that the functionality of your forms does not just depend on its content, structure, and overall accessibility.

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