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1+ After Interview Follow-up Letter Templates – PDF

Two of the most common reactions that human beings often want to receive is assurance and response. This can happen in a romantic relationship and in the family. Being assured is one of the most comforting things in life because it gives one confidence from the sender. Getting a response lets the receiver feel that the sender cares about what he had to say or did. These two things also help get rid of anxiety in a situation where it matters to the future of an individual.

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What we are discussing today is how to get a response and assurance from someone who just interviewed you for a job position being offered. This can be achieved through an after interview follow-up letter. We will tell you the parts that are supposed to be found in a letter. We will also be including what rules to follow in writing an after interview follow up letter. Lastly, we will be giving you some reasons why making an interview follow up letter is important. There are templates found in this article that can help you in constructing your sentences and how you want your follow up letter to look like. Get a pen and paper now and list down anything that you might find useful in this article for future use.

Follow-Up Letter Sample


What is a follow up-letter and its parts?

Let us first explain what a follow-up letter is. A follow-up letter is a letter with the purpose to continue the communication between the sender and the receiver. It can be used in business meetings, evaluation meetings, and a post-job interviews. This article will focus on the post-job interview. One of its purposes is to get a response from the receiver and hopefully get assured that they will reply as soon as possible to not keep you waiting and anxious if ever you are ready to go through the next interview or got the job or not. If you are concerned about what are the parts that make up this kind of letter, it is basically made up of the parts in other formal business letters. If you do not have an idea still, we will help you that as we present to you the following things that are supposed to be present in a formal letter like this:

  • Your address. Make sure you put your current address in case if you are just in your apartment and not in your hometown which might be nowhere near the city or even the country for that matter. Write the street address, the city-state and most importantly, the zip code.
  • The mailing address. You have to write the name, his or her title and the office address of the one you are sending the follow-up after job interview letter to.
  • Salutation. This where you state the “Dear Mr/Doctor, Mrs, Attorney, Ma’am, Sir…” with their last name or complete name as long as it is correctly spelled and have their proper title as high ranking people in the society with the degrees they have owned.
  • First paragraph. In this paragraph, you normally start off expressing your gratitude for given the opportunity to be interviewed for that certain kind of job position. Just be as genuine as you can be but do not over-state things to avoid the receiver feel that you are just exaggerating things too much. That just sends a bad impression. Be straight to the point and be genuine still have a sense of professionalism in it.
  • Body. Express that you are still interested in the position and remind them professionally that you have the skills and abilities that are perfect for the job position. Just try to sell yourself but again, do not overdo it. Stating this in your letter gives you a stronger chance to be on the priority list to go to the second interview again because that mere action shows that you are really interested in the position.
  • Closing paragraph. Just restate your appreciation and reassure them that you will perform your best if ever you get hired or go through the second interview. This is basically a summary of your entire letter. Make it simple and just paragraph what you wrote in the first few sentences.
  • End. End it with a “sincere, your truly, Sincerely yours, Best wishes..” and then right after, your name affix your signature if ever you are sending a letter personally and not through e-mail.

Example of a Follow Up Letter

Rules in writing follow-up letter

There are certain things in remember in writing this kind of professional letter. We will be enumerating them to you and hope that you may apply this in your own write-ups in the future after your job interview. That is why it is important for you to take down notes and as much as possible, remember these rules or reminder when writing this kind of letter. Here the important things to remember:

  • Spell the receiver’s name correctly. Nobody wants to get their name spelled wrong. This can be a major turn off for the interviewer because this shows that you are not careful with your actions and this may affect job performance if ever one is hired.
  • Do not have any grammatical errors. Be sure that your English is correct or else this can also leave a bad impression on the interviewer. Have your grammar checked by friends who are good in English. Learn how to speak and write in English properly if you ever get the job. Do not embarrass yourself.
  • You may send it on the evening of your interview. With this, it could help the interviewer remember who you are and what your answers were also.
  • After sending a letter, make a phone call within 3-5 days if ever there has not been any response. It also says that you are really interested and eager for the job position. When they do answer the phone call, greet them politely and tell them your purpose. Ask if when they can make the final decision.
  • Do not be ashamed to ask for a follow-up result. Often, people say that if you ask for a follow-up, you are desperate to get the job and that is not a good behavior. That is not at all true. Some interviewer test the applicant on how he or she is really interested to get the job title by looking how he or she is eager.

Importance of doing a follow-up letter

In this last section of the article, we will be enumerating to you the importance of writing a follow-up letter. Read and comprehend with our reasons to help you in deciding whether you want to send one or not and if it is worth sending. Here are some of the importance of sending an after interview follow up letter:

  • It sends a message to the interviewer. By message, we mean that it makes the interviewer assume that you are really eager to get the position despite its pay or work environment. An effort is one thing everyone wants to see especially people who are looking for competent individuals to take the job and perform it right. Show that kind of attitude early on through a follow-up letter and if you get the job, be consisted in those efforts.
  • Refreshes the interview. What we mean by this is that by giving a follow-up letter, the interview might be able to recall how your interview with him or her went. Some individuals memories are bad and that may affect you too in a way. He might mistake your skills with another if he does not remember you correctly.
  • It gives you the chance. That chance is information you might have missed to add during the interview. A behavior that you feel is suited for the job might have been unsaid and writing a follow-up letter can give you the edge and advantage again. Take the chance now and not later.

Those are just three of the many reasons why writing a follow up letter is important. Make sure you are sincere enough to write that letter and let them feel that. Read and understand the tips and information we have given so that it may be up to good use. Apply for a job that you are comfortable of and that you really like so that it would not be hard for you to write a follow up letter. It gets easier if it is something you want and worth chasing for.

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