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Circumstances When You Can Issue a Termination Letter

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to terminate the employment of a certain employee. While termination letter writing is not a pleasant task, it is sometimes necessary for several reasons. This can include removing a disruptive or unproductive employee, or to help the employee find a job more suited to him.Of course, there are disadvantages of removing employees, such as the disruption to the entire office, potential lawsuits if the termination process was not carried out smoothly, and so one. With that in mind, it is more important than ever that your own sample termination letters be as airtight as possible to prevent such things from occurring.

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Proper Circumstances for Issuing a Termination Letter

You might wonder when would be an appropriate time to use termination letter formats. This is a fair concern, as there are a number of different grounds for termination of employment. While there is a certain stigma with being removed from one’s job, not all those reasons are necessarily the fault of the employee.

  • Misconduct, which is a fairly major reason for receiving a termination letters in Doc. In this case, misconduct can take the form of violating company policy, lying on a resume, insubordination, etc.
  • Drug/alcohol possession, as this is generally prohibited everywhere. Such substances can not only impair performance, but are also illegal and can lead to trouble with the law.
  • Underperformance, as you can be terminated if you are incapable of performing the basic requirements of your job. This is not necessarily always a negative thing, as employers may understand if the demands are too much for you personally.
  • Absenteeism, as employers may be likely to remove employees who are in the habit of missing work. This makes such employees liabilities to the company.
  • Downsizing, as companies occasionally remove employees if they are no longer capable of supporting so many employees. In that case, employees can usually expect support when searching for new jobs.


Things to Consider When Firing an Employee

When you consider firing an employee, indeed before you finalize the decision and use free termination letters, it is wise to think very hard about it. After all, terminating employees is a final, drastic step, and so not one to take lightly. In that case, there are a number of different factors you have to consider, such as:

  • Legality of termination, since if that is not clear, then an employee may sue for unlawful termination. It would be in your best interest to ensure that your decision to terminate employment is foolproof.
  • Grounds for termination, because you also need to consider whether what the employee has done merits termination, whether due to misconduct or persistent behavior.
  • Disciplinary action, as your termination letter formats should specify whether other means were used to try and address what problems led to termination.
  • Written records, as it is wise to have records of those disciplinary actions in order to prove that termination was a last resort.
  • Terms of employment, as a given employee’s terms of employment can shed some light on the conditions by which he merits termination.

With these, you can hopefully find it easier to go through the steps needed to terminate employees, should it ever become necessary.

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