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10+ College Newsletter Templates in HTML | PSD | Word | Pages

A college or school newsletter is a great thing to have if you want to keep the creative spark alive in your students. It is not necessary that only those students studying journalism should be contributing to it. Anybody should be allowed to express the creative self in it. This would not only encourage students to polish their creativity but also make them aware of the different things going on in college. They would also be able to share ideas among themselves and this is something that should be encouraged among students.

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5 Steps to Create a College Newsletter

Step 1: Collect Articles

Before you can even start thinking about the design you should collect the articles. The articles should be coming primarily from students. A separate section for teachers can be kept. But that should not be more than the students’ section. Everybody should be encouraged to contribute. If there is any theme that needs to be followed for a particular issue that needs to be announced beforehand.

Step 2: Review the Articles

Once the articles start pouring in they should be sent for review. The submissions from younger students can be reviewed by their seniors. There should be a teacher who supervises the entire review process. The more technical articles need to be checked by teachers for accuracy. Once the articles are reviewed the best ones need to be chosen for their might not be enough space in the newsletter to accommodate everyone’s writing.

Step 3: Categorize the Articles

Once the articles are reviewed they need to be categorized. It is better to have the categories pre-determined. This will make the process of categorization much smoother. There can be a section dedicated to prose and another to poetry. Students can also send reviews of the latest books they have read or the movies they have watched. There should also be a place dedicated to giving information regarding the different events that have happened in college.

Step 4: Choose Designs and Get Approval

Once the articles have been confirmed it is time to start thinking about the design. If a particular theme has already be chosen then the design needs to conform to that. E.g. if the theme for the issue is marine life there could be tiny pictures of marine plants and animals decorating the margin. This too should a student initiative. The quality of a college newsletter says a lot about the college. Once the design is chosen it needs to be approved by the supervising teacher.

Step 5: Digitize the Newsletter

Once the design is approved its time to digitize it. You can use any designing software that you feel comfortable with. Let’s choose Inkscape for this example. Scan the design or take a picture of the page from your notebook. Then import it to Inkscape. Use the pen tool to trace the drawing. Then color it. If you are new to digital art several YouTube tutorials can help you.

10+ College Newsletter Templates

1. Free College Email Newsletter Template

File Format
  • HTML
  • PSD

Size: 600 Width


If you need something that you can send to the inbox of your college newsletter subscribers this free college email newsletter template can be of help to you. It uses high-quality photos and the layouts can be customized according to your preference.

2. College Newsletter Template

Want your classroom newsletter to look like a magazine? This extremely well-designed print ready template should be something you need to take a look at. It is available in A4 letter format and makes use of high-quality images. The text is quite sharp as well.

3. College Project Newsletter Template


Download this template if you need a more classic look to your sports newsletter. On our site, we have some cool sports newsletter template that you can check out. They are highly customizable and print friendly. So start using them now.

4. College Student Newsletter Template

People who have used this template have highly recommended this newsletter template for its great quality. So if you too need some high-end design inspirations for your email newsletter then do check this out. It uses vector graphics and that makes it highly customizable.

5. Graduate College Newsletter Example


Looking for newsletter templates in PSD for a graduate college? Check out this professionally designed template that has an extremely classy feel to it. Just collect the images you want to use in a folder and start editing it. Editing the template is an easy task.

6. Sample College Student Newsletter

If you are on the lookout for some highly customizable student newsletter templates then you shall find this quite easy to get started with. Editing this template is a breeze. Just follow the instructions and within an hour or less you shall have something that you can proudly share.

7. College Department Newsletter Template


If you have been Googling for the best free newsletter templates but haven’t found anything that matches your expectations yet then our site shall prove to be of immense value to you. We host some great looking fully editable templates that you can start using now.

8. Simple College Newsletter Example

Are you familiar with the Microsoft newsletter? Have you seen how great they look on your inbox? If you want to create something of similar quality you should definitely check out this template. It has a simple clean and modern design that would appeal to all.

9. College Newsletter Design


Flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine and wondering how they made such a wonderful piece of artwork? Wishing you could make something similar yourself? The truth is you can. All you need to do is download our highly customizable templates and start editing.

10. College Student Newsletter Design

Vector graphics give you the ability to customize and edit every aspect of an illustration. That is why this template makes ample use of them. Help files and font links are also included for your ease of use. You get access to both Illustrator and InDesign files so start creating now!

11. Creative College Newsletter Template


Looking for a cool modern looking newsletter template that your readers would absolutely love? This colorful print ready template should get you going in no time. It is all a matter of downloading and editing the template and that’s it. You have an amazing newsletter ready to be distributed.

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