Confirmation of Appointment Letter Writing Tips


A confirmation to an appointment letters refers to the formal written response to be written by the appointee to accept and confirm the latter’s appointment. For some, the said letter is considered ministerial and for formalities. However, confirmation letters are legal and binding documents that must be acknowledged in good faith.

There are various confirmation to appointment letter templates available in the internet. If you’re looking for tips and strategies, you’re on the right page. This post will give you a breakdown as to the essential components of an appointment letter and some basic writing tips in dealing with confirmation to appointment letters.

Essential Features of a Confirmation to an Appointment Letter

A confirmation letter is considered as a business letter. Like a free appointment letter, these letters are critical in ensuring that both the appointee and the one giving the appointment are on the same page. The essential parts of a formal letter are also inclusions in the case of confirmation letters except for the specifications.

  • Contact information – In the case of companies or professional firms, they can use their respective company letterhead.
  • Greetings – Come up with a formal greeting that suits the nature of the appointment.
  • Introduction – Give a brief positive introduction before going into the meat of the confirmation letter. Limit your introduction to not more than 2 sentences.
  • Body of the letter – This is the most important section of a confirmation letter. You need to expressly and explicitly state your agreement to the said appointment. If there are specific terms and conditions of the appointment that you want to clarify, this is the perfect avenue to address them. Furthermore, you can also separate the body into different paragraphs so that you can convey your thoughts comprehensively.
  • Closing note and other pertinent details – Appointment letter templates have provide basic strategies on how to effectively and professionally conclude a formal letter. Like them, confirmation letters must also be concluded in a formal and straightforward manner.

Effective and Easy Tips in Writing Confirmation Letters

Receiving an appointment letter can a be great news on the part of the appointee. That is why responding to a good news must be done professionally so as not to convey a negative or unprofessional impression. Consider the following tips:

  • Download and use formal confirmation letter templates – Although templates convey generic ideas, they can help you brainstorm and outline your letter. For instance, sample appointment letter templates help you know the essential ingredients of an appointment letter, the how-to’s as well as strategies and effective tips.
  • Send your letter promptly. You have to know the write time for sending the letter. You have to read thoroughly the appointment letter to know when is the expected date for submission. Aside from that, you should take note of the relevant details of the letter such as the employment arrangements, your immediate supervisor, effective date of the appointment, and many more.
  • Adopt a professional tone. Confirmation letters must be impersonal and formal. Avoid using rhetoric or informal statements. All the elements and formatting details of your letter must be business-like. However, you have to bear in mind that keeping it professional does not mean that you can’t make your letter engaging. A touch of enthusiasm is still require.

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