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What Is a Cover Letter Salutation?

Your cover letter is an important document as it contains additional information that is helpful in presenting your professional qualifications. Aside from the main content of this letter, you should also take time to properly place your cover letter salutation in the document. While a lot of applicants failed to recognized the importance of a salutation, this element helps set the tone of your application. Writing a cover letter salutation should show a level of professionalism and appropriateness. You may want to check out the cover letter templates in your website.

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When writing a cover letter, it is crucial to make a good start by choosing the best greeting. Knowing the recipient can help you choose the appropriate greeting for your cover letter. However, the greeting you will use depends whether it a job application or a cover letter you are writing. That is why it is important to know the difference between a job application letter example and a cover letter example.

Addressing Your Cover Letter

Addressing the cover letter can sometimes be very tricky. Even if you know the name and gender of the contact person, you still need to carefully determine the correct title to be used in your salutation in your hard copy cover letter.

Determine whether he or she is a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. So what if you are uncertain how to address a woman in your cover letter? The safest way to address a woman is by using Miss followed by her last name.

But what if for instance, the job advertisement does not include the name of the person to contact? Many companies choose to leave the name of their hiring manager anonymous until the interview. So if you cannot track down the contact person to address your cover letter to, you can either leave off the salutation part and proceed with the first paragraph, or you can just use the generic salutation such as “Dear Recruiting Manager.”

Addressing your cover letter appropriately can make a big difference as it helps make a good first impression. If you start off the right tone by getting correct salutation, you will boost your chances of getting hired. Here are some examples of a cover letter greetings:

  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear Recruiting Manager
  • Dear Sir/Miss

Do not forget to check out these cover letter samples for your guidance. You may also want to take a look through our cover letter templates in word or download a free cover letter from

Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

So, how do you achieve a good cover letter format that is free from errors? Just follow these dos and don’ts of writing a cover letter.


  • Make sure to use only simple wordings in your cover letter
  • The cover letter should be specific to you. But if you are having difficulties writing a good one, you can download the application letter from our website.
  • Show confidence and maintain an enthusiastic tone
  • Be sure to identify the position you are looking to apply
  • Proofread for grammatical and spelling error before sending


  • Writing a boring introduction in the first paragraph.
  • Rehashing your resume. Make sure that your cover letter highlights your qualifications relevant to the position.
  • Writing negative comments on your previous employer.

For more information on how to write a good resume, use these cover letter for a resume or job application letter templates samples on our website.

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