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Creating Efficient Letterheads in Word

No matter how complex letterhead designs get, creating letterheads in Word is still the most preferred. For most graphic design experts, designing letterhead templates in Word might only be simple, but for clients who have got little time for dwelling on high-tech design means an editable company letterhead in Word would already do the trick.

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Creating letterheads through Word does not devalue letterhead efficiency and quality. In fact, it promotes convenience to come up with the same quality regardless of the amount of work and resources exhausted. The letterhead designs in Word guarantee simple and professional letterhead suggestions. Put your creativity to good use with Microsoft Word for all your company letterhead needs.

How to Create a Letterhead in Word

The idea of having to produce letterheads in Word is quite easy. There are only a few things to remember before you start with your output. However, the comprehensive steps and details matter and this is why you should expect a simple step-by-step guide on how to create a letterhead in Word below.

Word Document Setup

Preparing your draft or your Word document setup should be done as your first step. In one way or another, letterheads in Word are also considered personalized letterheads. Whether or not it’s a personal design or a design based on company standards, the document setup is meant to help you prepare the standards to be met for a certain letterhead you wish to create.

Open a New Blank Document and click on the following below for your guidance:

  • File
  • Page Setup
  • Paper Size
  • Manage Custom Sizes

The final step is meant to help you custom the size of your document to accommodate the appropriate letterhead of your choice.

Letterhead Design

Get to the real intent and subsequently insert your letterhead design into your Word document setup. You should either have secured a design or have already finalized a copy of it for easier use. Your finalized output should be ready to go and should be easy to incorporate into your prepared document setup.

As you are directed to the blank document, simply click on the following as instructed below:

  • Insert
  • Photo
  • Picture from File

Lastly, you will see your photo library that should contain the final letterhead output ready then select a final letterhead file.

Output Modifications

Once you’re done with the previous steps, you get to decide on what parts you are going to modify. Whether it’s for a small business letterhead or for a large scale business letterhead, the same effort of output modification should be exerted to ensure quality of your letterhead in Word.

Wrap Up

How you manage to create a letterhead in Word would determine the orientation of your design and content. Most companies opt for creating with Word since it is easy to edit and add details to it. Letterheads hold a company’s identity altogether, which could still make a positive impression through letterheads created with Microsoft Word.

Everything should all be in order as soon as you have followed the simple and easy steps above. We suggest you save a final letterhead document in Word as a template for future use and reference. You could even check out some more best letterhead design tips to improve your design and overall quality as well.

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901+ FREE & Premium Letterhead Word - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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