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9+ Follow Up Marketing Letter Templates

In the world of marketing, you have to go after the prospective client to get that deal you need. Getting that certain deal means a lot to you as it can generate more profit for the company. The agreement is made after the initial meeting, but it still needs following up to see if the other party holds up to his duties. There’s a big chance that the whole agreement might not push through if the client decides to change his mind. You may also see sales letter templates.

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This is where the follow-up letter comes in. A follow-up letter is written to ask the prospective client about the progress of the agreement and if he is still willing to push through with it. It can also be a request for another meeting, with a whole slew of prepared presentations and new ideas to pitch.

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Sample Follow Up Letter

Follow Up Letter Template

Casual Follow Up Letter

How To Write A Follow Up Marketing Letter

Meeting up with a client is not just enough in the marketing world. You have to make follow ups and find out if the client is in the same boat with you. While some follow ups are done through calls, texts, and emails, writing a letter is still a formal way to follow up on a client.

1. Start with a warm greeting.

Begin writing the letter with a warm greeting to the client. It sets his mood to read the rest of the sample letter. The beginning of the letter should be able to achieve this mood so it won’t be a hassle to read the rest.

2. Keep it short and polite.

Make sure that you write short sentences in your letter. The sentences should be cohesive with each other. It should also sound polite, though it is urging the client and be calling him for action. Remember that this is someone who can bring money to the agency you are working in so you have to sound polite in your letter. You may also see sample sales letters.

3. State the status quo.

In the letter, you need to state what is really happening and how long you have waited for his response. You can also state the last time you sent him a letter as a reference. This means you care more than enough for the transaction between the two of you, and you’d like to do more. Explain to him that you are waiting for his response and would love to hear anything from him. You may also see sample school letter of intent.

Sample Letter Template

Example Follow Up Letter

Follow Up Email Letter Sample

4. Recap of the last meeting you had.

It’s best to include a recap of the last meeting that you had in the letter. This freshens his memory on what you talked about and is able to make a decision out of it. It serves a very big purpose to remind them of what you talked about. This leads to a deep thinking on the client’s end. You may also see introduction letter templates.

5. Make another offer.

If you think the first offer did not work, try making another one. This time, maybe the client will approve of it and push through with the agreement you both had. You can also give him a list of options to take if ever the things in the initial meeting are not fulfilled. You may also see business thank you letter samples.

6. Set another schedule for the meeting.

List down the dates and time of your convenience and try asking the client if he is available on the said dates. You are lucky if the client is available at the same time with you. If not, the client will set a date and time that is most likely convenient for him. You may also see proposal letter templates.

7. Wrap up with good wishes.

Always end you’re follow-up a letter with good wishes to the client. Wish them a good day or anything that lifts their soul up after reading your letter. It makes them feel valued even in a business setting. You may also see cover letter examples.

8. Add your name and signature.

At the end of the letter, put your name and signature as the sender. The receiver should know the letter came from you. The signature confirms your writing the letter. It will erase all doubts on the client that the letter might be written by someone outside of the company. The signature serves as a proof and authorization at the same time. You may also see general cover letters.

9. Edit and proofread the letter.

It is a must that in writing business letters, it should be well-polished and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. No one wants to read a piece of writing that has too many mistakes. It gives the reader the headache they do not deserve. It also decreases the chances of your letter being junked.

Simple Follow Up Letter Template

Step-by-Step Sample Follow Up Letter

Thank You and Follow Up Letter

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is one of the most functional parts of any business. A successful business is aided by powerful and effective marketing. When a product is marketed effectively, it creates a ripple of effects to the product and the company. Coming up with a marketing plan takes so much skills and perseverance.

1. Enhances brand awareness.

A good product with excellent features gets snubbed if it is not marketed properly. The marketing aspect of the business makes the product known to the people so it can be consumed and enjoyed. In establishing the brand awareness to the people, you need to come up with marketing strategies. Make advertisements for online, television, radio, and print. Hand out flyers to the people so it can be easily read. Have an attractive package of the product that will surely catch the attention of the people. Marketing is about making people think that your product is worth their money. Taglines and catchphrases are commonly used to establish your brand. This leads to the ultimate decision of the customers to buy your product or go for another one.

2. Increases in sales.

As the brand is established in the perception of the people, the product starts to be consumed. Effective marketing has the power to increase the sales of a product. People tend to make decisions based on what they see and how they feel. When they decide to buy the product, that’s when you know you did the right thing. One effect of the brand being well established is the word of mouth. This is a positive effect that can increase the sales of the product. Higher sales stronger trust your product gets from the people. You may also see best business letters.

3. Improves company reputation.

A solid reputation of the company is a product of excellent marketing. This builds recognition, trust, and loyalty to your company and your product. As an effect, you are expected to improve after meeting the expectation of the public on your product. From there, the product can go many places. It can have variants for people to choose or choose to branch out on unfamiliar territories. Marketing involves techniques on how to keep the loyalty of the people in your product. It should be involved in every advertisement and public relations activity that you put up in promoting the product. You may also see marketing cover letter templates.

4. Develop a niche.

A niche in business means the appeal of the product in a small and specialized population of consumers. With the power of marketing, your product can develop a niche of its own. It can be steadily consumed by a small population of consumers. For example, Louis Vuitton bags are bought by celebrities and people in the upper class. They can afford the expensive line of bags given their social status. For every product, there is a target consumer. You may also see marketing cover letters.

5. Reach the intended target customers.

Marketing allows you to reach your target customers and those who are not as well. You may have a target audience for your product but with good marketing, it goes beyond what you expected it to be. Any person who has the purchasing power will surely buy your product if it is marketed well. The marketing team should have a clear understanding of the market and people’s spending habits so they would know how to market their product. You may also see sample marketing thank you letters.

6. Expansion of business.

When a product has been established, has a good reputation and high sales, it has all the chances and opportunities to expand. The cost of expansion is brought about by the revenue generated from the sales of the product. While the current products improve, new ones can be made out of them and be marketed to the public. The expansion of the business means more marketing strategies to do and new ideas for marketing the product.

7. Creates a healthy competition.

If companies have almost the same marketing strategy, they make it up for the prices of their products. The people would have a hard time choosing which one to buy. This creates a competition among companies. Advertisements become flashier and costs are almost the same. Companies would have a race on who wins over the customer’s loyalty first. The prices of each product become more competitive than ever. There are no chances for small companies to have their products sold when there is no competition.


Follow up letters are very useful when you are waiting for a potential client’s response to a project you are both eager to work on. Waiting surely takes a lot of time and energy, but never run out of options to go after one client only. Their decision is the green light that matters to you and the team that you’re handling. You may also see marketing thank you letters.

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