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For What Reasons Will an Employer Fire an Employee?

If you are an employer, you might be concerned with having to fire employees. It is an unfortunate truth that you may have to confirm employment termination for a variety of reasons, usually to do with some kind of misconduct. If you are pushed to such extremes, it would be wise to study some of the details.

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But if you are instead an employee, if you were to receive a sample termination letter, then you have a few considerations. After all, in case of such an event, you would need to ask questions and find out how to move on with your career.

Common Reasons to Fire an Employee

Of course, if you were to use free termination letters to inform employees, then it is only right that you be aware of some reasons for which you can fire employees.

  • Absenteeism, as consistent tardiness and absences can negatively affect productivity for an entire office.
  • Poor performance, considering that an employee with poor performance cannot perform his duties satisfactorily.
  • Drug/alcohol abuse, as these substances can impair an employee’s ability to think and work properly.
  • Misconduct, which can include such examples as lying on a resume, committing unethical acts, violating company policy, etc.

Employee Rights When Fired

Of course, employees still have their rights even when fired, which an employer would still have to conform to, even should the termination letter format should state unequivocally that an employee has been fired.

  • Termination notice, as employees are generally meant to be given some kind of warning before being given a termination notice.
  • Final pay, since even terminated employees are entitled to a final paycheck to cover the work they did just prior to termination.
  • Anti-discrimination, which is meant to protect employees from being terminated for discriminatory reasons.

Guidelines for Employers When Firing Employees

When making termination letters in Doc, there are some guidelines that you may wish to keep in mind. After all, terminating an employment can be a complicated, difficult affair, so you would want some guidelines on how to make the process run more smoothly.

  • Think your decision through. This allows you to make sure that you do have grounds to terminate an employment, and make sure that this is an appropriate response.
  • Know when you can fire employees. There are certain laws in place to protect employees from discrimination or unfair termination, so make sure that you actually can proceed.
  • Give employees fair warning. You should make sure that employees are informed of termination before resorting to termination letter examples, so as to avoid potential problems.
  • Keep documentation. This ensures that you have a record of any disciplinary measures that you used before resorting to termination.
  • Keep employee rights in mind. You may have to provide certain benefits for your employees, so it pays to be prepared to provide them to avoid legal action.

With these guidelines, you should have a better idea of when and how to use termination letters so as to make terminating employees run more smoothly in the event that it should ever come to that.

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