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Expert Tips on How to Gracefully Resign from Your Job

Much to the knowledge of everyone, an email is not always the best place for resignation. An email resignation should be the last impression you want to leave with your soon-to-be-ex-employer. However, if the situation calls that you need to resign via email, then follow these resignation notice letters and email messages to help you write your own message, professionally and with gratitude.

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When resigning from your job, it is important to do it with grace and dignity, especially if you are going to do it via email. It is highly crucial to inform your employer and the human resource department and give them a two-week notice or probably more, depending on the company policy, in your letter. An easy way out can be using Email Resignation Letter Templates and get a ready made format to make your job easier.

Resignation by Email

Can an email resignation affect your level of professionalism? What are the instances when it is okay to tender your resignation by email?

Although we know that the proper protocol of resignation is to hand in your notice personally to your employer, there are certain instances where you need to send your notice through email. Some of the common reasons include

  • health and medical reasons;
  • family emergency;
  • travel issues;
  • conflict from, with, and within the office;
  • relocation; and
  • conflict in schedules, among others.

Whatever your reasons may be, you should resign gracefully from your job as much as possible. And although you do it through email, it is still very important to write your Resignation Letter as professionally and politely as you can. Failure to do so will only lead to uncontrollable damage on your professionalism and reputation as an employee. Like we have already informed, downloading Resignation Letter Template helps a lot in coming up with a well-written resignation letter.

How Should You Write Your Email Resignation

First and foremost, your email message should inform your employer that you are resigning from your position as well as the date your resignation is effective.

ex. “This email is to inform you that I am resigning from [name of the company] as [job title] effective on [date].”

In the next section, you can state your gratitude for the opportunities you had during your employment. You can also give the key reason for leaving your job, although this is only optional.

ex. “I am grateful for the opportunities, skills, and knowledge that I have acquired during my time in the company. However, it is unfortunate that my decision to resign from my position is final and that I have already accepted a position with another company [or state your other reasons here].”

Finish your message by offering assistance during the transition period.

ex. “Please do not hesitate to call my attention should you need my assistance during the transition period.”

For more guidance on how to write a job resignation letter, you can dig our website for Resignation Letter Example and Resignation Letter Formats. They are 100 percent downloadable and you can easily make any changes on the template to fit the company and your situation.

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