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What Is a Hard Copy Cover Letter?

Is it really necessary to include a cover letter when submitting a hard copy of your cover letter? This has to be the major question of some applicants out there.

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To illuminate your inquisitive mind, a cover letter is essential since its sole purpose is for applicants to sell themselves to potential organizations (not literally, of course). Including a cover letter is your golden chance to demonstrate to the hiring manager why you are a great fit for the job. Cover letter templates are what most applicants used for a faster and easier cover letter making.

A cover letter is a form sent together with your resume to provide more details regarding your skills and experiences. A cover letter can be of any variety such as a cover letter for a resume, cover letter for scholarship application, and so on. Here, we provide cover letter sample templates for you to make use of. These templates will give you information on how to properly address a cover letter as well.

Common Types of Cover Letters

  • Application letter. Also known, as a cover letter, this is a job application document sent together with your resume to give out more details regarding your skills and is written to apply for certain job openings. One sample is an employee referral cover letter.
  • Referral cover letter. This is used to state a connection with a current employee in the company for which you’re sending your job application. Having a referral to mention gives the employer more detail to help relate your experience. One sample is a referral sample cover letter for a job.
  • Letter of Interest. A type of letter sent at any time regardless if the company is actively hiring or not and is not sent in response to a certain job opening. One sample is a letter of interest for a job.
  • Networking Letter. This is used to introduce yourself to people in the organization. One sample is a networking letter requesting for a job.

How to Write a Cover Letter

  • The first thing you need to include is your contact information.
  • Make a clear and concise description about yourself. Also, use an appropriate cover letter salutation.
  • The second paragraph is the opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Describe how your past experiences and skills can contribute to the company.
  • End your cover letter with detailed information. Tell them that you will be in contact with them if in case you don’t hear any update from them. Thank them for spending the time to read your letter.

In here, we offer cover letter examples that are downloadable. These are what you need for a hassle-free application process.

Cover Letter Format Guidelines

  • You need to make sure that your cover letter is readable. Use generic sans-serif fonts as these are generally clean, clear, and professional-looking fonts, which are also pleasant to read. As they are “visual friendly,” this means a hiring manager will not be having a problem reading your letter.
  • For font size, it is advisable to use 10.5 to 12 points. If you go smaller than 10.5, it will be hard for the hiring manager to read your cover letter. This can create a negative impact too.
  • When you format a cover letter, ensure that you leave enough margin space to allow for printing. As much as possible, don’t attempt to adjust your margins.
  • If you want hiring managers to see you as a professional individual, make sure you are using a type of paper that helps convey the message. If you will adjust it too much, it can lead to details being cut off in your letter.
  • When it comes to length and spacing, your cover letter templates in word should fit well to a one, single-sided page.

If ever you also want to send a copy of your cover letter via email, our Email Cover Letter templates are what you need. These are format and content ready, with minimal changes, you’re done in no time.

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