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How Do You Write a Business Letter?

A business letter is a document used as communication between companies involved in a business relationship. These parties may include companies similar business industries, clients, customers, or other external entities. The format of a business letter observes business letter etiquette relevant to the formal business relationship between the parties.

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A business letter may be used when the companies start a business deal or when parties decide to terminate an agreement  in good terms with information on a business letter ending. The following information will be your guide on how to write a document of this type.

Segments of a Business Letter

When it comes to making business letters, it is essential to know the segments of a business letter format. Here are the parts of a business letter as depicted in business letter examples online:

  • Business Letterhead – This heading at the top of the business letter includes the business information of the entity sending the letter. This serves as the return address of the recipient.
  • Letter Date – This pertains to the date the entity has written the business letter. It is formatted in complete spelling and digits.
  • Recipient’s Business Details – Information of the business recipient on the business letter is written after the date with the correct spelling of the name of the individual the letter is given to.
  • Opening Salutation – This forms as the greeting at the start of the letter before the letter content.
  • Body of the Letter – This segment contains the content of the letter which includes the what and the why of the business letter.
  • Complimentary Close – Close the letter with a formal closing salutation like sincerely or truthfully.
  • Signature of the Sender – As the writer of the letter, you must state your full name and affix your signature above it to authenticate the content of the business letter.
  • Enclosures – If the business sending the letter includes documents to support the message of the letter, write the name of each document under this segment.


Effective Tips to Writing Business Letters

With the sample business letters as your guide, the following are the effective tips to writing business letters:

  • Define the objective of the business letter. A business letter is created for a purposes. Thus, before you write the business letter, you must identify the objective of the letter in relation to the receiver.
  • Use a processing program for formality. Business letters in Word formats are preferable outlines of business letters since a handwritten letter would be deemed too personal. Formal letters are recommended to be computerized.
  • Be concise on your statements. At the start of the letter content, you should state the intention of the business letter. Be straightforward in a respectful manner.
  • Keep professionalism all through out. Maintain a professional tone all through out the letter. Even if you are upset or dismayed, keep the business letter as positive and professional as possible.
  • Make effort to proofread the letter. Do not forget to check and to correct the grammatical and typographical errors of the business letter.

A business letter must be written with clarity in order for the receiving company to know the objective and the intention of the business letter once it is read.

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