How to Accept or Decline Offer Letter


When given a job offer letter, your first impulse might be to accept it. After all, if you are in a position where you are searching for a job, then this offer might be the answer to your prayers, especially if you were trying very hard to secure that job for yourself.

On the other hand, even when given a formal job offer, you might want to decline. Presumably, you would have your reasons, but if you were to decline, there are some things to keep in mind. If anything, declining might take more effort than simply accepting the offer in the first place.

Reasons for Accepting an Offer Letter

Given different offer letter examples, there are several reasons why you would accept such a letter, and its related offer, namely:

  • The offer is a good one, possibly better than you originally thought, with generous compensation and competitive employee benefits.
  • The job is one you wanted very much, and one where you worked very hard to make a good impression.
  • The job is one you think might be a good fit based on your skills and experience: challenging without being too overwhelming for you.

Reasons for Declining an Offer Letter

Of course, you do always have the option of declining any offer letters in PDF you may receive, for a variety of reasons such as:

  • The job might not have made a good impression on you when you arrived at the interview.
  • You may have received a better offer in the time it took the letter to arrive.
  • You may have realized that you may not be able to fit in with the company’s corporate culture.
  • The company’s offices may also be located in a place that would be difficult to reach consistently, making it difficult for you to arrive on time every day.

Ways to Accept an Offer Letter

If you were to accept any offers from simple offer letter templates, you have to keep some guidelines in mind when you accept. After all, every action you make can affect you when applying for a job.

  • Be polite and respectful in your reply, and thank the company for considering you.
  • Be straightforward and unambiguous in expressing your desire to accept the employment.
  • Confirm that you will report for work on the date the letter specifies.
  • If you have any questions, you may be able to add them in your reply so as to get more information before actually starting.

Ways to Decline an Offer Letter

It is also true that declining sample offer letter templates can be complex in itself, if not more so. Be that as it may, some things to keep in mind when declining are:

  • Remain polite and thank your contact person for taking the time to deal with you, and be sure to state that you cannot accept the job.
  • State your reasons honestly, but do so tactfully so as not to inadvertently insult the company.
  • If you are unsatisfied with some element of the work, such as payment, you may be able to negotiate for a better offer, but not always.
  • If you are firm in declining, make it clear that you really cannot take the job.

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