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How to Decline a Job Offer

After having successfully undergone interviews and assessment exams, anyone would feel privileged whenever prospective employers hand them a job offer. For some applicants, might realize later on that they are either not fit for the job or they do not want it. In this case, declining a job offer letter is necessary.

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It would be polite enough to write anyone who’s offered you a job offer a formal rejection letter if you wish to decline it. You could simply make them understand that you wouldn’t want to quit a job sooner and it would be better if you just decline the offer earlier.

How to Decline a Job Offer in Writing

You may have received a job offer for a company you applied at. Unfortunately, you either no longer need the job or no longer want it.

Here’s how you should decline a job offer in writing:

  • Recipient – Prepare a letter addressed to the right person in the guise of a company as a whole or a hiring manager for the matter.
  • Appreciation – Following your formal salutation should be a transition of words of appreciation for their job offer. Rejection letter templates are always structured with words of appreciation so as to maintain a light mood with the correspondence.
  • Reason – Provide a brief reason for declining the job offer. Your reasons should be close-ended as possible to avoid further clarifications on the matter.

How to Decline a Job Offer in Person

There’s more pressure with having to decline a job offer in person. Making use of a rejection letter sample would have been more convenient for a more expressive decline.

In times where you’re left with no choice, here’s how to decline a job offer in person:

  • Prompt Notice – Initiate a conversation with the hiring manager right away to inform them of your decision.
  • Referral – Think of anyone who could best take the job offer instead of yourself.
  • Words of Appreciation – Give a few sincere words to anyone who has informed you about the job offer. Express your appreciation in a manner connected to anyone you’re speaking to.

What to Do After Declining a Job Offer

Maintain good relations and diplomacy after deciding to decline a job offer. You might have gone through the process of declining the job offer hence consequently, you would now how to deal with the aftermath.

Here’s a quick guide on what to do after declining a job offer:

  • Follow-Up Letter – It may not be a must to give a job rejection letter right after you have declined. It is however advisable to send out a follow up letter of decline or perhaps forward a rejection letter pdf even via email to confirm of your decline.
  • Connection – It doesn’t necessarily mean you cut ties with employers and hiring managers right after you have declined their job offer. You could always leave the ties as it is as you go along.
  • Opportunity – Always be open for better opportunities that could come your way. Declining a job offer isn’t about turning down an opportunity but an outlet to settle for better ones.

Don’t get overwhelmed about dealing with a job offer decline. If you’ve gone through our quick guide, you would definitely be at ease with your decision.

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