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How to Write a Company Bonus Request Letter

A lot of employees within a company will want a bonus at some point during their working lifetime. This is especially true for those employees who have gone above and beyond their job descriptions and have put in a lot of overtime just so that supervisors and managers will see just how hard they are working.

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So, when an employee feels as if he or she deserves a bonus, then that person can always write and submit a company bonus request letter. This article is going to focus on how you can write this type of letter format.

What is the structure of a company bonus request letter?

Just like any other formal letter that you will submit to your employer, you have to make sure that you abide by certain formatting rules to ensure that your letter is as professional and readable as it should be. So, the letter should follow this structure:

  • The address of the sender. At the top right left corner of the letter, you have to type in your complete address. There are some cases where you can place this information on the top left right corner of the letter. You may also see sample request letter.
  • Subject. If you are sending this letter through email, then you do not necessarily have to think hard about what the subject matter should be. You can be as simple as possible and just type in “Bonus request” as the subject title. You may also see request letter templates.
  • Inside address. When placing your company address in the letter, you have to make sure that it is below everything else that is written above. If you are sending this to the company email, then you may skip this step.
  • Salutation. Since this is a formal letter template, make sure that you address the reader properly. So, you should open up the letter with “Dear Mr.Smith”.
  • Opening paragraph. This is where you state the purpose of the sample letter and the amount of the bonus you think you deserve.
  • The body. This is where you place all of the solid facts and reasons as to why you deserve the bonus. State everything that you have done that shows that you do deserve it such as the amount of overtime that you have put in or that your performance appraisals have been nothing but excellent.
  • Final paragraph. The final paragraph is where you show your gratitude for being given the opportunity to work for the company and how they have treated you all the way. You want to make sure that things end on a positive note, and this will help make the letter look less of a demand and more like a question. You may also see personal letter templates.
  • Closing. Make sure that the closing remarks keep the professional tone of the letter, so type in something like “best regards” or “yours sincerely”.
  • Your name and signature. If you are going to send a physical copy, then place your complete name and put in your email signature at the bottom of the letter. If you are sending it via email, then just type in your name and your contact list information

So, now that you know how to write a company bonus request letter, what are you waiting for? Get cracking! You may also see business letter templates.

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