How to Make a Letterhead [10+ Templates]

When it comes to creating any kind of business stationery, nothing adds credibility and builds brand awareness more than a well-designed letterhead. And in this article, we will teach you all the right steps to follow in order to come up with excellent letterhead designs. Read on to also see multiple examples of letterhead templates that you may download and customize to match your personal or your business’ branding image.

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5 Steps to Make a Letterhead

To start off, here are the steps on how you can start making your own letterhead designs. Study each step repeatedly before attempting to create your own letterheads. Also, remember that you can always bookmark this page so that you can easily refer back to the steps when you need them most.

Step 1: Know the key elements that make a good letterhead design.

Knowing the key qualities that help make an effective modern letterhead is an important first step. It allows you to accurately plan the overall look and meaning of the design itself.

These key design elements include the use of an organized layout, good typography design, relevant branding imagery, and the right color scheme. Keep all these design elements during the preparation phase and you will have an easier time completing the rest of the letterhead-making process.

Step 2: Curate all necessary text and graphic elements.

Next, you need to curate and save all the text, images, typeface files, or trademarks that you want to incorporate into the letterhead design. It is better to store all these elements in one file folder so that it will be easy to retrieve them later on.

Step 3: Open your preferred editing software.

Then, you may now open your preferred graphic design or editing software tool on your computer or laptop. You may choose from any of the programs included in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc) or you may use word processing software tools like Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages.

Open a blank template document file and start combining all the text and graphic elements for your own letterhead design.

Step 4: Download a printable letterhead template.

On the other hand, if you want an easier and quicker design-making approach, you may use printable letterhead templates instead. These are pre-formatted files that will come with every conceivable thing needed to make a professional letterhead design. Multiple examples are included in the article below. With any of these free and premium templates, you do not have to make a design from scratch.

Step 5: Print out the letterhead design.

After finalizing your letterhead design, save the template file on your computer or on a flash drive. You may also send it directly to your local printer’s email address to get the printing process started. So there you have it! An easy to follow guide on how to create your own business letterhead designs. Continue reading the rest of the article for more template design suggestions and tips.

10+ Letterhead Templates

Shared below are letterhead templates in various file download formats. Inspect each printable template design and see for yourself which one best suits your brand.

1. Grand Hotel Letterhead Template

grand hotel letterhead template
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Simple elegance. That is what the Grand Hotel Letterhead Template (as shown above) aims to achieve. Use this if you want to create official hotel business stationeries with your own original letterhead designs. This template features a quaint business logo at the right corner and the full hotel contact information on the page’s footer.

2. Law Firm Letterhead Example

law firm letterhead template
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The Law Firm Letterhead Template shown above is a good example of a letterhead design that limits its content at the top of the page. Aside from being used as an attorney letterhead design, this template can also be used by other kinds of small businesses and companies as long as the logo design is changed accordingly.

3. SEO Letterhead Template

seo letterhead template
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Planning to start a digital marketing agency? Then look no farther than the SEO Letterhead Template shown above. This pre-made template design is fully customizable so that you can incorporate your own brand logos and business contact information.

4. Spa Letterhead Sample

spa letterhead template
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Businesses that operate in the health and wellness industry can set themselves apart from their competitors by creating original business stationery designs. A good start is with the well-designed Spa Letterhead Template featured above. It features a minimal design that suits most spa and wellness establishments. This letterhead design may also be incorporated into your Spa Facebook Ad Banner design.

5. Travel Agency Letterhead Template

travel agency letterhead template
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If you need a center-aligned letterhead design, then the Travel Agency Letterhead Template (shown above) may be the one you are looking for. This design features a unique business logo design on the top center portion of the page combined with a color-coordinated business contact information as part of the document’s footer design.

6. Restaurant Letterhead Template

restaurant letterhead template
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Restaurateurs will appreciate the Restaurant Letterhead Template Design (embedded above) as it helps make official business correspondences for your dining establishment easier. This letterhead template follows a minimalist design to allow the more important content of your restaurant menu or stationery to stand out.

7. Doctor Letterhead Format

doctor letterhead format
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Working in the allied health service sector warrants the use of official letterhead designs as it adds a sense of trustworthiness to a document’s content. Use the Doctor Letterhead Format shown above if you need a letterhead design that emphasizes your affiliation to the medical field without the design being too over the top. And if you are a physician who wishes to create a separate letterhead design for your clinic, you may use this doctor’s office letterhead design.

8. Hospital Letterhead Template

hospital letterhead template
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Large organizations and institutions like hospitals also need to create a standard letterhead design that will help distinguish them from others. If you are a hospital administrator, check out the Hospital Letterhead Template (shown above) and check if it can be customized to match your hospital’s branding identity. This template may also serve as a legal letterhead template for your hospital that can only be used to serve official statements from the hospital as approved by your legal advisors.

9. Kindergarten Letterhead Template

kindergarten letterhead template
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Choose the Kindergarten Letterhead Template (featured above) if you want to create a fun impression for your childcare or kindergarten school. Feel free to change up the template’s color palette to match your official school colors. Or, better yet, consult a color chart first before deciding on a color combination for your school correspondences.

10. Modern Letterhead Template

modern letterhead template
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Geometric shapes and a neutral color palette helps set the Modern Letterhead Template apart from other letterhead designs featured in this article. Use this template if you want to create a sense of sophistication for any of the documents that your business send out.

11. Professional Letterhead Design

professional letterhead design template
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The Professional Letterhead Design Template featured above is another free letterhead template that you can download and customize to your heart’s content. Its main advantage as a company letterhead template is its block style of presenting business information. This template design can also be customized to match your preferred color scheme.

Feel free to use any of the free and premium letterhead designs shown above. And do not forget to follow the short guide we have shared earlier for a quicker letterhead creation process.

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