How to Reject Candidates Professionally


Rejection of applicants is deemed to be an integral factor in the labor and employment industry. Businesses and companies often reject candidates because they are either underqualified or overqualified for the job vacancy posted. Some Human Resource departments even follow up rejection letter sent towards unqualified applicants for record purposes.

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Informing candidates about job rejection letter requires tactfulness and professionalism. HR personnel and staff must observe some guidelines to ensure that every rejected applicant is informed in a manner that is acceptable and does not degrade their morale.

Express Your Reasons During Reject Candidate?

There are some valid reasons why a business or company does reject job applicants. You may check rejection letter template as references for reasons. And some reasons are provided below as well:

  • Competencies or strength does not meet the requirement.
  • Failure to impress interviewers during the interview.
  • Unimpressive resume or curriculum vitae.
  • High salary expectation.
  • Being late during the interview, which is one of the common reasons why interviewers tend to lose interest.

Things You Should Say to Reject a Candidate?

To some professionals, rejecting a job candidate for whatever valid reason is an obligation that cannot be taken lightly. Choosing the right words, time, and way is a must for a serious situation such as this. However, if you are mandated to do so, below are some of the things that you should say aside from sending rejection letters in DOC or in PDF format:

  • Observe proper greetings observed and required professionally.
  • Rather than play with soft words, it is better to tell the applicant straight that he has not able to perform well during the assessment, hence, he cannot have the job.
  • You may state as well that rejected applicants may still look forward to a call from your company should there be another available job position and the same does fit their qualification.

What Not to Do When You Reject a Candidate

Thorough explanation is necessary so that they will be enlightened by the decision and resort to finding another job rather than be demoralized and give up entirely. Rejection letter templates can show you how it’s done.

Check out the sample rejection letters in PDF to understand that the following must be avoided at all cost:

  • Giving false hope
  • Being too honest, to the extent of demeaning the applicant
  • Concocting stories to keep them waiting for nothing
  • Being rude
  • Giving reasons for rejection that are make-believe

Tips To Reject Candidate Professionally

  • Notify them as soon as you have determined the status of their application.
  • You may send the message or rejection letter via email or phone.
  • Tactfully identify the reasons for rejection.
  • Inform them of the results of their preliminary exams. If the result is negative, the applicant himself would definitely know the idea that he has not made it all.

Turning down a hopeful job applicant is not a good idea, but it would be better to tell them straight, hear the news from you directly, rather than to hear some lies or never a word at all.

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