How to Respond to a Job Rejection Letter


Getting a formal rejection letter for a job application can be quite heartbreaking. But you need to read the rejection letter completely in order to understand why they did not deem you qualified enough for the job. You can reflect on what you have to do on the future job applications you are going to submit to other companies.

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After receiving a rejection letter, it is essential to submit a response to the hiring company even if you feel disheartened of their feedback. You can create a follow up rejection letter expressing your dismay in not taking a job position in the business entity.

Questions to Ask as Feedback

You might ask yourself, “Why didn’t I get the job?” Before you get discouraged by the rejection, why don’t you ask for feedback? This can help you improve professionally in order to not experience rejection again.

After expressing your interest in being considered for future opportunities, the following are some questions you can ask to the business entity in the rejection thank you letter you are going to send:

  • What do I need to improve on?

This question will let you know what you need to change on your current application documents. The recruiters might stress out the parts they least liked and offer suggestions you can follow on your next application.

  • How do I become more effective in an interview? 

Ask this question if the entity’s reason for issuing you one copy of the rejection letter templates was not because of your resume or cover letter. It might be because of your performance on the interview.

  • What were my best attributes? 

This will inform you of the strengths you currently have as noticed by the business entity. This will help increase your confidence in applying for jobs by enhancing these qualifications.

Pros and Cons of Responding to Rejection Letters

Responding to rejection letters issued by the entity has the following pros and cons:


  • It will make you stand out. Leaving a good impression to the entity by responding to their letter even if it is similar to the rejection letter sample on this website will make you a remarkable applicant which can pave a way for future opportunities.
  • It will acknowledge the entity’s consideration. Proper response to a rejection letter is the inclusion of an applicant’s gratefulness for the time the entity has given to his application. In this regard, you acknowledge the consideration the entity gives you in spite of the rejection on the application.    


  • It might not be read by the hiring personnel. Businesses have pressing concerns to attend to especially to the recruiting personnel. You letter as a response to the rejection letter might become unread and misplaced through time.
  • It will slow down your next job application. Since you were rejected by the entity, you need to rush applying for another job position in another entity instead of responding.

Being rejected of a job application letter does not mean it is the end. You can take the rejection as an opportunity to see the good in the situation. You never know that responding to that rejection letter will bring that opportunity.

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