How to Write a Complimentary Letter for an Employee

In any general workplace, employees want to be recognized for all of the hard work that they have done. These people are the ones that are responsible for making sure that operations within the business run as smoothly as possible, so general employees who go beyond expectations deserve to be rewarded or at least thanked for their efforts.

This is why those in management need to learn to write complimentary or appreciation letters for employees who have done more than their fair share of work. This article is going to teach you how to make this type of general letter to ensure that employees know that their work has not gone unnoticed.

Tips on how to write a complimentary letter

A simple message of thanks can go a long way and it can both the employee and the employer. So, here are the tips that should help you create a proper complimentary letter:

Thank the employee

This should be pretty obvious considering that this is the point of a complimentary letter, but how you do it is what you have to seriously consider. You have to show the professional employee that you are genuinely thanking her for the work that was done. So, saying something like, “Thank you for the work that you have done” makes it sound so bland and mechanical. You want it to sound something more along the lines of, “We appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in for the software company and this will not go unrewarded” as doing so will really make the employee feel as if she has done a good job. You may also see employee warning letters

Be specific

If you are going to compliment an employee on a general job well done, then you want to point out what it is the employee has done in order to gain your praise. So, if an employee has gone beyond the sales quota within a month’s time, then you should be specific when writing that down in your complimentary letter. By telling the employee what she did right, you are also giving that person an idea of what to keep doing in order to gain more praise from you or anyone else who belongs to upper sample management.

Point out the behavior you would like to encourage

Tell the employee of any specific behavior that you would like her to exhibit in the workplace. By doing this, there is a possibility that the employee’s coworkers will emulate the behavior and that will most likely increase overall employee work productivity and performance development. Plus, you should tell the employee to keep up the good work, so reminding her of the good that was done should help with that.

Spell out the rewards

This is entirely optional, but it is best that you have a reward for those employees who have continued to go beyond the expectations of your professional company. It is no secret that every employee wants to be rewarded for her actions, so a reward is not out of the question; just make sure it is something that you can promise. So, this can be anything from giving the employee a salary bonus, or even something as huge as giving the particular employee a general promotion for the continuous good work that she has done.

Complimentary letters are important, and writing them will help employees know that they are doing their professional jobs well and doing so will help make sure that they know they are being appreciated. Never take this for granted as this can go a long way and help your company reach success.

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