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How to Write a Prefect Reference Letter

If you ever had to refer a colleague for a specific position, then you would have needed to write an employment reference letter. This is the perfect tool for promoting a particular candidate as suitable for a given position, being that you can list all the person’s relevant qualifications and skills in your letter.

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Of course, you should also take note of certain elements when making your reference letter format. There are certain standards to adhere to when writing business letters, like these. This is especially the case in application and reference letters, where you would have to be as convincing as possible.

Things to Include in Your Reference Letter

As can be seen in other reference letter examples, there are elements that need to be included in your own reference letters.

  • The subject’s name, since you do have to make clear to your recipient who you are referring for the position.
  • Their relationship with you, because this can serve as a means of demonstrating how you know the subject and how you are qualified to recommend him.
  • Their qualifications, as you do also have to state the subject’s skills and experience that qualify them for the recommended position.
  • Their previous accomplishments, which state what concrete achievements the subject has under their belt that makes them a good fit for the job.

Writing an Effective Reference Letter

When making your own reference letters in Word, you also need to know about the steps needed to make them properly, such as:

  • Start with an introduction. This also serves to establish your own qualifications as a referee.
  • Then state your referral. In these letters, it is important to state your intentions so as to make them clear.
  • Include your relationship with the subject. This serves to establish how you were in a position to know them.
  • Mention what qualifications you observed in the subject. This includes any skills and achievements they accomplished while under you.
  • End your letter politely. This is both a professional courtesy and serves to make a good impression on your recipient.

Tips on Asking for a Reference Letter

There are some other things to keep in mind other than using sample reference letters as templates. One of these is how to ask a superior for a reference letter, which can be made easier by following certain tips:

  • Make sure to ask someone who knows you well. This is a key tip, as you want your referee to be someone who can write a glowing recommendation.
  • Be sure to provide ample time for writing the letter. You should always start as early as possible, and be sure to allocate a few weeks for your referee to get around to your letter.
  • Always ask referees personally. You can be more assured of getting a positive reply if you ask the referee in person. This is also more immediate than relying on emails or similar methods.
  • Be specific as to what you need. Your referee can work more easily if they have as clear an idea of what you need in the letter as possible.
  • Provide your referee with materials. Your referee will need some materials to make the writing process easier, such as resumes, letter templates, and others.

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