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How to Write a Proposal Letter [10+ Templates to Download]

The ability to communicate effectively especially in the business context can make a big difference in nailing first impressions. Whether your goal is to submit an official proposal in the form of a letter or simply a business letter, structuring your letter and presenting your ideas clearly will be the key to ensure that your reader understands what you’re trying to offer thereby increasing the chances of your proposal to be taken and considered seriously among a dozen or so others.

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5 Steps to Write a Proposal Letter

Step 1: Observe Correct Formatting

Correct formatting in letter writing is just as important as wording it correctly as well. Use your company or organization’s letterhead with your name, contact details, and address at the top of the age. The recipient’s name and address should be written two spaces down from yours on the left side and so on.

Step 2: Address The Recipient Properly

Start your letter with a formal salutation using the recipient’s name, title, or position. If you don’t know the actual name of the person you need to send the letter to, you can address it to the organization. However, addressing the letter to an individual adds an element of sincerity to the letter, despite it being a formal document.

Step 3: Include Background Information

Introduce your ideas efficiently by providing a brief summary of your proposal or its key points such as the benefits of your ideas, the return on investment if it’s a business proposal or the marketing benefits that come with supporting your event if it’s a proposal for sponsorship. Write it down in your first paragraph.

Step 4: State Your Purpose

Clearly, present the goal of your letter and the call to action you have implied. When it comes to proposals, it’s important to outline details in a clear manner without adding complex information. In the case of proposals for business partnerships or deals, the terms of the proposal should be given with relevant facts and statistics to back your goal and ideas.

Step 5: Close Your Letter

End your letter with a statement of gratitude for the person or organization, thanking them for receiving your letter with a subtle encouragement for feedback and questions. Your closing should be properly worded with “respectfully” or “yours truly” then a comma. Write your name a couple of spaces or lines below the valediction and put your signature above your name.

9+ Proposal Letter Templates

1. Short Letter Enclosing Proposal


Proposing your ideas to other professionals will always be challenging. Fortunately, you can use our premium templates to structure a proposal letter which serves as everything a corporate document should be. Download this letter with an enclosed proposal in any version of MS Word or Pages.

2. Letter Enclosing Proposal Template


Are you still struggling with how to write a proposal letter that has your full business details? Don’t fret because we have prepared a proposal template here to make sure that all the necessary information in your letter are laid out. It also comes with well-written content that suits your preference with almost no hassle. Download this template now!

3. Free Event Proposal Letter


Offering to organize an event? This event proposal letter template is perfect for presenting your ideas of making any event a dream for any client. With its versatile design, you’ll have no trouble in preparing a professional proposal that highlights your ability to make an event successful. Get this template for free in any MS Word, Pages and Google Docs formats.

4. Free Job Proposal Letter Template


Want to make sure that you’re not submitting a haphazard proposal? Download this sample of a job proposal letter and access it on your computer or mobile device. Take advantage of its professional format and modify the content with your business or organization’s information then print in any of your preferred file extensions.

5. Proposal Letter Example


Do you want a proposal complete with the proper format and business language? You’re in luck because this proposal letter example is the perfect template to go with the all the information you need to fill in. Rather than starting one from scratch, just make the necessary changes to the content and print this template anytime, anywhere for your convenience!

6. Sample Proposal Letter Template


Proposal writing can sometimes be intimidating in terms of mapping out your ideas to the prospect client, business partner or grant-giver. It demands attention to business writing skills but doesn’t let that pressure you. Instead, just use this sample letter template in writing your proposal and get ready to receive feedback or positive response!

7. Internship Proposal Letter


The task of submitting a proposal to convince other organizations or individuals to support or hire you is not to be taken lightly. You need to pay attention to your use of language and make sure to maintain a professional tone. We’re going to make that possible with the help of this sample proposal letter which you can print and download in the convenience of your home or office.

8. Mock Proposal Letter


Undecided as to how your proposal letter should look like? The mock proposal we have here is just like all other proposal templates you can find on our website, which means it is structured to suit a business document and can be modified any way you choose, just as long as you make use of it as your guide to writing yours. Get this template and print it right away!

9. Sample Proposal Letter


Proposals will always be documents that require not only proper formatting but also salient points for them to be convincing. Get this proposal letter template and read through to ensure you write yours the same way. Take note of how well suggestions and ideas are presented. Better yet, just click on the download button and make the necessary changes to the file.

10. Sample Proposal Letter


Are you trying to complete the proposal letter you have drafted? Increase your chances of getting your recipient’s attention by downloading this sample proposal letter today and don’t fool around with your pitch. Stay focused on your writing and make a great impression!

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77+ FREE & Premium Proposal Letter - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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