How to Write a Rejection Letter for Not Taking a Job


The probability of job applicants turning down a job offer can be very unlikely considering the rate of unemployment during these present times. Employers do not usually expect prospects to reject a job offer.  Job rejection from applicants rarely happens but are not unheard of.

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Subsequent to a job offer, applicants are free to respond through a job rejection letter or a follow-up rejection letter to companies concerned if they think about not pursuing a certain application. There are various reasons why applicants change their minds in the last minute. For this, they need to write job rejection letters.

Reasons Why Qualified Applicants Reject a Job

Sometimes, fate isn’t always in favor of employers in terms of hiring and dealing with applicants. Even when job applicants are perfectly qualified for a job, they could always turn down a job offer for their own personal reasons.

Here are some reasons why qualified job applicants withdraw from a job offer:

  • Mismatch of Expectations  If your company’s expectations do not coincide with the job description that the applicant was expecting, the applicant may want to back out. Applicants might find that job title and requirements posted on certain job ads may be quite different to the actual work expected of them.
  • Compensation – Applicants would undeniably rejoice when they receive a job offer, but as soon as they find out that the compensation is below what they want or expect, rejecting the job offer might be their only choice. This is when applicants start considering writing rejection letters in PDF to sever ties with prospective employers.
  • Company Environment – Upon entrance at a certain company for the interview, a poor company environment would definitely make applicants want to withdraw their application. Though this may be too blunt of a reason to include in a rejection letter sample, this is one of the foremost reasons applicants turn down job offers.

Tips on How to Write a Job Decline Letter

Professional individuals always make it to a point of being formal despite their intention of declining a job offer. While it may be too up close to deal with rejection through a phone call or in person, applicants choose to write job decline letters instead.

Here are tips on how to write a job decline letter:

  • Formal Letter Format  Like any other letter of correspondence, always observe a formal format with your letter. Despite a negative intention, incorporate a presentable format when writing rejection letters in DOC and even email rejection letters.
  • Correct Addressee – Do a quick recall of whom you’ve had an interview with. Be sure to address your decline letter to the right person.
  • Letter Content – Be straightforward. You are writing a rejection letter for not taking the job so do not beat around the bush. Express your appreciation for making time for you in the entire hiring process. You could also thank them for the opportunities they’ve offered.

Not all applicants are amenable to what prospective employers could offer in a job offer letter. The information in this page surely does a lot of help to companies to either improve their hiring processes and offers.

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