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How to Write an Absenteeism Termination Letters

Attendance is always a must in every workplace. If there is no one in the office to work, then how would a company expect to have any productivity or output? So, if an employee takes too many absences, then those in management will have to proceed with dire disciplinary action.

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Depending on a particular company’s policy, it is possible for an employee who has accrued too many absences to be terminated. This is why management has to create and provide absenteeism termination letters, and this article is going to teach you how to write one.

Tips on writing the termination letter for excessive absenteeism

It is never going to be easy whenever general employees have to be fired, but sometimes it has to happen if they become too much of a problem. Employers have to be sensitive when writing this type of simple letter, but they must also remember to remain professional. So, here are some tips that should help you write a proper absenteeism termination letter:

Always show respect

This should be obvious considering that remaining professional all throughout is something that you have to do in order to maintain a proper image. You do not just write a letter and say, “You have taken too  many absences so you are fired”. You need to say this in a way that the employee will understand that not take offense at it.  Remember that this is still a business letter and business letters follow a proper format and tone.

Do not let your emotions get the better of you

Let us say that this particular employee has caused you so many problems because of his absences for far too long. What if these absences have given you and your other professional employees more work because the employee you are about to terminate has left all of you with important work that is unfinished? Even if a situation such as this has occurred, you should never allow your emotions to take control of you when you start writing the letter. Stay calm and remember that this is a letter that can be used against  you if ever you decide to write something that is out of line. You do not want to give the about-to-be terminated employee anything to use against you, so make sure that the tone of your basic letter is calm and professional. Otherwise, you may just end up writing something that you cannot take back, and that could lead to serious charges against you.

Explain clearly why the employee is to be terminated

If the employee does not know why he is being simply terminated, then that person may file some charges against you for unfair treatment. Be sure that the reason why the employee is to be terminated is clear so that the employee will have no qualms with regard to the purpose of the letter. You can even go as far as to state the number of days that the employee has been absent; just make sure that you place the final day of work. Once you have explained the employee’s termination, you must also include a statement that will ask the concerned employee to talk about the reasons for his multiple absences.

Be sure that there are no errors

Remember that this general letter should be made professionally, so any kind of error should not be allowed. Go through the entire letter and make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. If you happen to see any, correct them immediately. You can have third parties such as other general managers or your coworkers help you proofread the letter.

However, it is not just spelling or grammar errors that you have to concern yourself with; you have to see if there are any information errors as well. You have to go through every piece of information that you have written down and make sure that it is all accurate. If you state the number of days the basic employee has been absent and the employee responds that the number is wrong, then that will just make you and the company look bad. So, check everything such as the employee’s name, the name of the company, the reason for the service termination, and even your name and job title to ensure that the company termination letter contains not a single error.

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