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How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter

Every employee who does a good job wishes that they are praised for all the effort that they sink into the company that they work for. So, naturally, it would be the responsibility of those in management to take notice of these efforts and reward these employees accordingly. You may also see sample letter templates.

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One of the simplest means of doing so is by sending them a recognition or appreciation letter. With these letter templates, managers are able to show their employees that all of their hard work has not gone unnoticed and it can even be used to further reward these people. This article is going to focus on how you can write a recognition letter that can properly convey your thanks.

What basic details should be included in a recognition letter?

It should have the following:

  • The date when the letter was written
  • The complete name of the employee who will receive the personal letter
  • The complete name of the person who wrote the letter
  • The employee’s supervisor
  • The reason for the letter
  • A message of gratitude

What should a recognition letter do?

If you are trying to make the employee who receives this simple letter feel really special, then the recognition letter should:

  • Be specific when it comes to the positive behavior of the employee that you would like to promote in the workplace.
  • Contain the company smart goals that the employee was able to meet and the means by which the employee was able to do so.
  • Contain a proper thank you as well as a genuine show of gratitude for everything that the employee has done for the company.
  • Be given at a time that is appropriate, such as before the event in which the employee will be praised and thanked for in front of all of his or her coworkers.
  • Be printed out in a physical copy. This kind of letter is not something you want the employee to receive via company email because you want to make the employee feel as special as possible

Why is it important to write recognition letters?

As mentioned recently, employees want to be recognized for the hard work they do, especially those that actually exceed company expectations. So, by handing them something as simple as a recognition letter format, it can help motivate these people to become the best in the company, possibly improving their performance review and production rate.

You can also attach gifts to the letter to make the employee feel even more appreciated. For example, you can hand them expensive or high-quality merchandise with the company logo along with the letter as a gift. Alternatively, you can simply go for cash bonuses that will show employees that their hard work was not in vain.

Keep this in mind all the time: If you do not show your employees that you notice their efforts, then it could end badly for you and your company. Repeatedly failing to thank and congratulate them on their work may make these employees think that other companies would be better able appreciate them, so do not be surprised if you receive a resignation letter.

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