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How to Write Appointment Letters

Generally, a letter of appointment is a written document to convey the decision of the person or company to assign a certain task to the addressee. It makes the appointment official and binding once the appointee accepts his or her appointment. Additionally, the letter also outlines some relevant terms and reminders regarding the said appointment.

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To guide you through the process of writing one, we’ve gathered some important steps and key ideas on how you can perfect your letter. Knowing the essential ingredients of a professional appointment letter can help you in terms of the overall form and structure of your letter.

The Basics of Writing an Appointment Letter

Most of the time, the appointment letter serves as a prequel before writing of a contract. That is why it is a must that the letter be written comprehensively. Here are some basic steps that you may consider.

  • Clearly state the reason for the letter. You need to provide the subject matter of the letter clearly. At first glance, the addressee must know that it is an appointment letter. You have to state the designation of the appointed person.
  • Provide a short introductory sentence. Convey, in a positive tone, that the company has duly appointed the addressee for a certain position.
  • Provide the date of effectivity of the appointment. In the case of job appointment letters, you must indicate the date on which the appointment will commence. The effective date is very critical, and you have to see to it that you encode the right one.
  • Provide the agreed compensation and benefits. Briefly state the salary package and benefits offered to the appointee. For the more detailed breakdown, you may indicate that the appointee could refer to the contract itself.
  • Provide the place of work and working hours. The address of the working premises must be stated together with the expected working schedule.

 How to Make Effective Appointment Letters

As much as possible, write a substantial and comprehensive appointment letter. This is done to avoid confusion and possible conflicts. Here are some tips that you may consider.

  • Keep it short and simple. As you may observe, appointment letter templates are short and concise. The language used is straightforward and easy to comprehend. Don’t write a verbose appointment letter.
  • Provide a call to action. Without a call to action, the letter becomes passive. You have to add a statement requiring the addressee to acknowledge his appointment or attend the consultation that is scheduled.
  • Use a simple language. There is no room for rhetorics or any highfalutin words in writing appointment letters. These are formal and legal documents and must be treated with due care.
  • Use a formal font size and style. Make your professional character shine throughout the letter. The font style should be formal and legible. You may use Calibri or Times New Roman.
  • Proofread your letter. Before sending your final draft, ensure that all the needed signatures are complied with. Proofreading your letter can help you check some grammar issues, wrong punctuation, and many more.

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