Etiquette for How to Write Wedding Invitations


Making wedding invitations is both a fun and tiring activity. Planning what designs to use is the easy part. The difficulty comes when doing the actual design. It’s always easy to find a third-party provider and let them make the invitations. But the problem with letting a third-party with no ties to the couple or the couple’s family make the printable invitation templates is that the couple may not approve of the final design. This is especially true if the couples had very little input on how the invitations were made.

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Although there is no universal set of rules on how to use watercolor wedding invitations, there is still some etiquette guidelines that need to be followed. Although most guests don’t mind the invitation design as long as they’re invited and have a role to play in the wedding, there is definitely a number who will analyze every detail and call out the hosts if they have issues with the invitations.

Here are some wedding invitation etiquette rules when writing or making those simple wedding invitations. Also, be sure to avoid these wedding invitation mistakes if you want the wedding preparation phase to run smoothly.

The name of each guest should be listed. This applies for each invitation. It’s a time-consuming process, but it makes the free invitations very personalized and won’t feel like you’re handing out the sample invitation templates like flyers. This also provides clarity on which persons are really invited to the wedding, especially for big families with several children. Toddlers or infants don’t need to be invited.

Address the “plus-one” problem early. This applies especially for a simple and small wedding where immediate family members and close friends are the only ones invited. You don’t need to have guests bring a “plus-one” unless they’re married or in a serious relationship. Inform the guests of this ahead of time and write only their names in the invitation template. Not taking this step can cause serious problems for the reception seating and food if every guest brings another person who was not initially invited to the wedding.

Indicate the dress code in the invitation. You can’t predict how the guests will dress up for the wedding. If you want everyone to be formal in their suit-and-tie outfits and cocktail dresses, then mention it in the invitation. There is no specific area of the invitation where you need to indicate the dress code; just make it clear and readable.

Additionally, you should let your guests know what to expect after the wedding ceremonies. “Dinner, drinks, and dancing” is one of the most common party lines. Omitting the party line can place your guests in a precarious situation. Guests expecting dinner at a 7 PM reception when in fact you only prepared a few snacks will cause some guests to actually leave and have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Don’t forget the RSVP dates. The RSVP date is usually three weeks to a month before the wedding to make ample time for preparations. Don’t forget to write down this important date. You definitely don’t want to call your guests a week before the wedding still asking if they can come or not.

Weddings are no mere get-togethers of two families. They are grand celebrations of commitment and love as two people vow to unconditionally love and care for each other throughout their entire lives. A grand celebration also calls for grand invitations, but the designs don’t have to be flashy and flamboyant. Simple designs normally don’t stand out, but they can still be beautiful and elegant as long as they’re done right.

For themed weddings, check these rustic, vintage wedding invitation, and Halloween wedding invitation designs and templates.

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