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Do’s and Don’ts During Job Resignation

Congratulations for acquiring a new job which you truly love. The thought of working in a new company and environment fills you with excitement. However, you still have to face the daunting task of informing your current employer that you are resigning from your job, for whatever reasons you may have.

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Although many of us dread the awkwardness of handing your resignation notice letters, the truth is, it is easier and less harrowing than you think it will be. Only if you do it right. All you need to do is to hand in your notice gracefully and respectfully to your employer.

No matter how excited you are to take on your new job, there are the basic job resignation do’s and don’ts to observe and follow. What are these? Read on to know more

Do’s When Resigning from Your Job

  • Do check your company’s policy on resignation notice period before writing a formal resignation letter.
  • Your employer may ask you questions about your decision to leave, so make sure to prepare your answer. Do answer your employer as politely and modestly as you can.
  • Assuming that your employer has accepted your resignation, do continue to act professionally in the office.
  • Do wrap up all your major assignments and make a detailed progress report for your replacement.
  • Do make sure to write a professional resignation letter.
  • Do offer to help or train your replacement during the transition period.
  • If required, do submit yourself for an exit interview with your employer.
  • Do make sure to say positive things about the company and your colleagues.
  • Do leave on good terms with your bosses and colleagues.

Don’ts to Avoid When Resigning from Your Job

  • Do not walk out from your employer after tendering your sample resignation letter and not following the notice period stated in the company’s policy.
  • No matter how awesome you think your new job is, do not ever gloat about it to your boss and colleagues.
  • Do not venting out your frustrations in your resignation letter.
  • Do not gossiping about the colleagues you do not like.
  • Do not feel guilty about leaving your company and colleagues. Although it may be heartbreaking, you have to consider the fact it is for a greater career opportunity.
  • Do not burn bridges. Although you are not longer connected with the company, make sure to continue your friendship with your boss and colleagues.
  • Do not leave in a hurry. Say goodbye to your colleagues on your last day.

More Resignation Tips!

If you think that it is really the right time to quit your job, keep in mind these basic resignation etiquette and tips:

  • Inform your boss about your resignation in person but make sure to have your Resignation Letter handy.
  • Show gratitude to your boss and colleagues on your last day, no matter how much you abhor them and can’t wait to run to the door and leave.
  • Remember that the exit interview is a sort of business formality. That is why you need to act professionally.
  • If it is your first time to write a resignation, browse through our collection of Resignation Letter Template and download whatever suits your purpose.

Keeping these things in mind will help you resign for your current position with grace and pride. By being graceful and positive until your last day, you will be remembered by your ex-colleagues as someone who is professional. This way, you will leave with good, last impression and your hard-earned reputation intact.

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