7 Job Resignation Letter Formats


There are times when a person eventually decides to quit his or her current job. The reasons for leaving the job could be either something personal or it could have something to do with the company itself. Either way, one cannot just quit out of the blue without notifying one’s employer.

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This is the reason why those who decide to quit their jobs have to write a resignation letter example. With a resignation letter, one can easily notify the company that he or she is leaving, giving the company ample time to find a replacement to ensure stability. So if you want to learn how to write a simple resignation letter, then continue to read the information below.

Job Dissatisfaction Resignation Letter

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Free New Job Resignation Letter

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Journalist Job Resignation Letter in PDF

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Teachers Two Weeks’ Notice Job Resignation Letter

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How to Write a Resignation Letter

By knowing how to create a proper resignation letter, you will give your self and your employer the satisfaction of separating on good terms. Although it would be nice to tell the company all about your grievances and the other employee complaints that made you dissatisfied with your job, it’s best that you remain civil all throughout to make sure that your professional future is secured. So here are a few steps that you can follow to help you write that resignation letter:

  • Make your opening as friendly and as formal as possible. This can be somewhat tricky as you don’t want to appear too friendly, but you also don’t want to be too formal during the opening as well. If you have a good relationship with your boss, then you should start it off with the word “Dear” followed by your boss’s name. Because if you say something along the lines of “Dear Mr.” then your boss’ name, you’ll come off as being too professional, which could be off-putting especially if you have a well-established cordial relationship with your boss.
  • You’ll have to make sure that your letter clearly explains that you’re resigning. It’s important that you state your  intent to resign clearly to your boss so that he or she knows that you aren’t open to an offer of a higher salary or other perks, or that you’re open to a counteroffer when you have already accepted a new position. You have to express it clearly in your letter so that you sound confident in the decision that you’ve made. This way, you will not be faced with the uncomfortable situation of having your boss coming to you to try and persuade you into staying.
  • Make sure that you give your employer a reasonable amount of time to find your replacement before your departure. This is especially important if your job involves a lot of responsibilities and complex tasks. Your employer will need to train your replacement and fill out a training evaluation sheet to see if that person suits your position perfectly. You should give at least two week’s notice. The higher your position, then the longer the amount of time you’ll need to give notice to your boss. Be sure to state the last day of your work as soon as you’ve stated your intention to resign.
  • Although this is optional, you can state the reason as to why you’re leaving. You don’t exactly have to be too thorough if you’re going to explain why you’re leaving, although your boss will really appreciate knowing the reasons why. If you’re resigning because you have a lot of workplace complaints that you’re generally unhappy with, then you really shouldn’t go into too much detail about any of them. However, if you’re resigning due to personal reasons or simply because you’ve found a better opportunity at another company, then you can state this so that it’s easier for your boss to understand the situation.
  • Include a statement in your letter that you’re willing to help out during the transition process. Your boss will really appreciate this, especially if your position is something that’s very hard to fill. If you feel as if you really owe it to the company and that you’re generally happy to help, then state this in your letter saying that you’re willing to assist with the employee training to ensure that your replacement is prepared to handle all of your past duties. This will help you and your employer out as this allows your employer to receive much desired help to make the transition period easier, and you ensure that you and your employer maintain good relations which will make it so much easier for you to get a recommendation later on.
  • Thank your employer for the opportunity to work for his or her company and for all the work experience that you’ve gained. Although there are times where someone would want to give the boss a piece of his or her mind, one has to remember that it’s better that there are no such occurrences unless one wants to be remembered as being nothing but a constant complainer. You’ll want to mention how this job was able to help you grow and develop. You’ll also want to mention how the job was able to influence your career growth, as well as help you secure a desired opportunity in another company. This will tell your boss that you’re showing genuine gratitude and can help minimize any potential animosity between the two of you.
  • Remember to end your letter on a positive tone. If you started with positive, then you end with positive. You want to show your boss that even if you’ve sought out a better opportunity, you still wish the company well. Always remember that you don’t want to leave your job with anything but on a positive note. You’ll want to make sure that your boss is fine and even happy that you’re seeking out better opportunities, and to make sure that he or she isn’t upset or furious over your decision. Because as stated earlier, your boss has the ability to affect your recommendation, so your letter could either make or break your opportunity for career advancement outside of the company you’re currently working for.
  • Be sure to end your letter with a nice closing. It’s best that you end your letter with “kind regards”,”wishing you the best”, or something similar right before your name. You’ll want to use this opportunity to make a closing statement that shows just how grateful you are for everything that the company has done for you.

Job Resignation Letter Sample

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Director Job Resignation Letter PDF Format

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New Job Resignation Letter Format

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Tips for Writing Resignation Letters that You can be Happy With

  • Begin your resignation with everything from the standard date, company address,  and the name of the addressee. The addressee would usually be your direct supervisor or your manager.  Basically, make sure that it’s in the format of your standard business letter. If you have any sort of personal stationery, then it’s best that you plan your resignation letter to fit your stationery. If you don’t have any personal stationery, then you have the option of making use of a plain piece of quality paper for printing your resignation letter.
  • You should remember to never write your letter with the use of your employer’s own stationery. This will just make you look unprofessional in your employer’s eyes.
  • You can make your letter short and sweet if you’re writing a resignation letter template to an employer that you’re not particularly fond of and would like to forget as soon as possible. One way to turn this into a good opportunity for you is by finding just about anything positive to say about your job that you can mention to your employer. This will make him or her know that you have seen and appreciated at least some of the efforts your employer’s company has placed into making sure that everyone in the workplace is happy.
  • Be sure that you send the human resources department a copy of your resignation letter. This will trigger all of the necessary employee resignation-related events to ensure that you may leave the company without any problems or outstanding obligations.
  • Another good thing to do for all those who wish to create resignation letter formats is to sleep on the letter overnight before mailing it. This is to ensure that you will be able to see it with fresh eyes as you check for any grammar mistakes or sentences that you would like to change. Doing this can help you resign without burning any bridges, as you might just end up wanting to come back to the same company sometime in the future.

Although writing a resignation letter is tough, sometimes one has to do it to find better career opportunities or to escape one’s own current job problems. So if you would like to know more about the different types of resignation letters and write them for yourself, then you may go through any of our available resignation letter examples and templates.

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