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5+ Job Warning Letter Templates

Job warning letter is a type of letter that provides certain advisory details to a certain employee. This is usually applied in a company or any work-related field. This is also a manner for employees to know that they’ve violated particular company rules and regulations. Although sanctions may vary depending on a management’s decision. In every workplace, this type of letter is always needed.

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If you are being asked to make a letter of this kind, our job warning Letter Templates are basically what you need. No need to make a new one using a blank document. Make your life less inconvenient by downloading these letter templates. Check below for more image samples.

Job Performance Warning Letter Format

File Format
  • Doc
  • Docx

Size: 7 kB


Job Abandonment Warning Letter Template

File Format
  • Doc
  • Docx

Size: 3 kB


Job Performance Warning Letter Template

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  • Docx

Size: 4 kB


The Warning Letter

A job warning letter does not limit to one category alone. There are multiple types, and some are useful in a company or business field, particularly in the HR (Human Resource) department. This letter is also known as an HR Warning Letter.

Since they are also the ones in charge for making company rules and regulations, they are also responsible for making this type of letter. Presenting a warning to an employee depends if it’s already the final one or the first one

The Details in the First Written Warning Letter

  • The date. You need to make sure that you’ve stated the actual date when the letter is given.
  • The context. This part usually presents the reason why a certain warning is given to an employee.
  • Nature of violation. This will determine what is (are) the violation(s) committed.
  • Date, time, and location. It is where and when a certain infraction was committed.
  • Employee’s complete name. This is often added to the “To:” section.
  • Details. This part is where an employee writes the essential actions the employee will need to do to avoid the same infraction from happening.
  • Supervisor’s signature. This last part is where an immediate supervisor or team leader signs.

Take note that these are what a first written warning contains as other warning letters may or may not have the same contents.

Warning Letter for Unsatisfactory Job Performance

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 72 kB


Reasons for Writing a Complaint Letter

Most warning letters stem from complaint letters written by clients showing their displeasure for the company or the employee at question. Here are some common reasons why complaint letters are made:

  • Issue with transported goods. If the goods that are delivered are expired; broken; deficient; or not according to buyer’s wants such as color, brand, size, etc.
  • Pricing. If there is any issue or mistake in making the invoice of the transported goods, then such a letter is written.
  • Packing. Damaged or poor packing of the goods causes damage to the goods, which can be claimed to the dealer.
  • Transport. Goods are supposed to be delivered according to the accessibility of the buyer. But if a wrong carrier is used, it may lead for writing such letter.
  • False guarantees. If insurance coverage is not created properly as per the instruction of the customer, then there may be claim through complaint letter.

If in case there is a need for you make letters of this type, we have downloadable samples that are free for you to take advantage. Acknowledgement Letter Template is another sample that we have that is also available on our archives. Just click the link for these letter samples.

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