How to Make a Job Abandonment Letter


Employees always have their reasons for handing over their resignation letters. If it is not because of them trying to find better opportunities to further their career, then it is because there are problems in the company that is making them leave. The point is that these people notify their employers that they are going to leave the company.

However, what about those employees who have not mentioned leaving yet decide to just suddenly quit without any notification or warning whatsoever? This is what the industry refers to as job abandonment and employers are required to send job abandonment letters to those employees who have committed this act. This article will focus on how you will create job abandonment letters.

Making a job abandonment letter

Having to deal with employees such as this is something that no employer wants to go through. These people have already left without any warning and have caused possible delays in company projects or tasks. Even so, employers have the responsibility to send these sample letters to those employees who left without any warning as this will ensure that they are legally terminated. So, if you are going to create this type of letter, then here are the things that you must do:

1. Start with the basic information

You want the letter to point out exactly who you are addressing it to. So, be sure that you place the employee’s complete name, his or her position in your company, and the date when the letter was created. You may also like letter templates.

2. Talk about the number of absences that the employee has incurred

This is the part of the letter where you state the employee has not reported to the office in a certain number of days. You have to write down the name of your company so that it will be clear to those who have to verify the information that the employee did, in fact, leave your small business. You should also state that the employee has not contacted his or her direct supervisor or anyone regarding his or her absences. This can be very helpful in verifying that the employee did not make it known that he or she would not be coming back. Unless the employee actually did say anything about his or her absence, then you have to state the absence of the letter. You may also see job application letters in PDF.

3. Point out the policy

Every company has its own policies, and there is always one for employee absences or job abandonment. So, while you are creating this letter, you have to state your policy and the reason why the employee has been tagged for job abandonment.

4. State the employee’s immediate termination

Considering that the employee has violated the policy and that your policy has given you the right to terminate the employee if he or she has been gone after a certain number of days without notifying anyone from your company, then you must mention that in the letter. State that the employee will immediately be terminated as the employee’s job abandonment should be considered a voluntary resignation.

You should also have your letter point out that the employee will have to return all of the company property that is currently in his or her possession. You do not want a terminated employee to keep hold of company property as they can use it as a means of access to important and confidential files that could potentially ruin your business. Also, you should state the if the employee is eligible for benefits, and there should be a second notification letter that will inform the employee of his or her rights to claim them. You may also like basic job letters.

Once you are done, you can simply follow it up with who the employee may contact if he or she has any questions regarding the decision. Preferably this should be a person who is able to handle these types of situations. So, having someone from Human Resources is perfect as the person that will be listed for contact. Then, the last thing you have to write down is your complete name and sign it with your signature to verify that the letter did indeed come from you.

Although job abandonment is always a serious problem no matter what company you are in, there are always ways to deal with it. It is never an easy thing to deal with considering that job abandonment means the sudden loss of an employee and that sudden loss could affect not just one, but many different operations that are going on in your business. This is the reason why you need to create a well-written letter that you will send to the employee and a policy that will help you deal with this type of problem.

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