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5+ Official Warning Letter Templates

What is a letter of warning? It is a formal document that informs an employee about their wrong behavior and the reason why this is unacceptable, and if ever it continues, this may lead to the employee’s termination from the employment.

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It is usually the second step in an employee disciplinary process, which follows the verbal warning. If an employee still engages in an unacceptable behavior after being warned verbally, then the next step is taken, which is to provide that employee with a warning letter. But still, there are other violations that are deemed too serious and don’t require for a warning letter, such as committing a crime or the use of prohibited drugs while at work. These violations will lead to the immediate termination of the employee. Feel free to check out our collection of Letter Template.

Official Staff Warning Letter Template

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Official Warning Letter to Employee

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Official Warning Letter Format

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Purpose of Written Warning Letters

  • For an improper behavior or any kind of misconduct by an employee
  • For an employee’s consistent poor performance even after constant coaching and training
  • For an employee who has been absent for many days already
  • For consistent tardiness or if their number or tardies have exceeded the allowed maximum number
  • For any kind of negligence on the job
  • For violating company rules and regulations

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Writing a Warning Letter to an Employee

  • Make a draft of the letter, most especially if the employee committed a serious violation.
  • If you are writing due to the employee’s poor performance, consider reviewing the performance first.
  • State what you expect from the employee, such as an assuring response and to avoid committing the problem again.
  • Also state the actions you are willing to take if the employee does not take the letter seriously.
  • Before issuing a warning letter, you should regularly give both positive and negative feedback to the employee.
  • Maintain professionalism in your language and don’t narrate any decision on the letter.

Official Warning Letter for Unacceptable Behavior

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Size: 158 KB


Official Warning Letter to Contractor Example

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Size: 39 KB


Writing a Warning Letter to an Employee (cont’d)

  • Be strict and dominant in your tone on the letter but never use profanity in any reason.
  • Give a detailed information about the warning so the reader will be able to know the reason and the consequences behind it.
  • Make use of a readable and professional looking font type and size.
  • Include concerned authorities to sign on the letter.

Why Download Our Templates?

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