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One aspect of management in the workplace is maintaining discipline among employees. While punishment is one element of that task, so is providing a warning when for one’s subordinates when necessary. With that in mind, you can use warning letter templates to aid you with the job of writing these letters. You may also see notice samples

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While employee warning letters might be a common type of warning letter, they are hardly the only one. There might be other situations where you can use such letters, such as in the case of students who would need correction. Of course, these letters would still be vital in a professional setting so as to maintain productivity among one’s employees. With that in mind, you may need be in need of some insights so as to make the most of these letters.

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Warning Letter Templates

Employee Sample Written Warning Letter Template

employee written warning letter template 1 788x1020supplychaincanada.org

Official Warning Letters

Employees’ offending behavior and misconduct call for the Hr to write a warning letter in the company. It is a formal letter issued by Hr sent to the employees stating their misconduct to take control of the situation and take actions that are necessary according to the company’s policy and agreement. Generally, verbal warnings are given to the employees by the supervisors before sending them the official warning letters. The warning letter should clearly state the conduct issue, consult the employee who is showing misconduct and offending behavior. Then, prepare your warning letter and send it to the employee.

Employee Absence Warning Letter Template

employee absence warning letter template 1 788x1020hrcouncil.ca

Employee First and Final Warning Letter Template

employee final warning letter template 11 788x1115thepeopleindairy.com.au

What to Include in Official Warning Letters

In order for your own warning letter examples to be properly effective, you need to keep aware of certain factors. After all, there are some necessary components you need to include so as to make your letters effective, such as:

Employee’s Name

This is an obviously vital of warning letters in general. After all, it is necessary to provide warning to the recipient of the letter. Including their name makes it easier to both grab their attention immediately and make them aware that their pattern of behavior is causing problems for others. This serves as an effective means of calling employees’ attention to the fact that there is an issue with their behavior in the first place.


It is important to include specific dates in your warning letters. This applies to both the date of serving the letter, as well as any dates needed to push the point forward. This includes specific dates when any infractions were committed, as well as any dates when disciplinary actions were taken. This serves to help establish a pattern of behavior, as well as a pattern of actions taken to address the issue.


The most basic function of such warning letters is to provide your employees with notification that there is a problem in the first place. As when there are other issues with employees, it is important that your notification take place as soon as you reach the body of the letter. This serves to get to the heart of an issue as soon as possible and bring it to the recipient’s attention. In such cases, it is vital that you do this so as to be able to address the issue without wasting time.

Instances of Specific Behavior

In order to bolster any claims you may have concerning your employees’ infractions, it is important that your performance warning letters have a record of such unacceptable behavior. This serves to bring these specific infractions to your employee’s attention, and reminds them that this may have been occurring for a considerable amount of time. If this is not the first warning, this can serve to impress upon the employee that the pattern of behavior is becoming more intolerable, and that drastic measures may have to be considered.

The Significance of Infractions

Your behavior warning letters may be made more effective if they include an explanation of the exact effects of the employee’s infractions. After all, even one employee’s bad behavior can have negative consequences that extend beyond him. At worst, it can affect the performance and morale of your other colleagues, which would impact your business’ overall performance. Making this can help make the point more clear to the employee so as to reinforce the idea that the problem belongs to the business as a whole.

Record of Past Disciplinary Actions

Your letter should also contain a record of any past disciplinary actions you may have undertaken concerning your employee. After all, if this is an ongoing issue, your reminders of these past actions may serve as a reminder to your recipient of what needs to be done in order to improve his behavior. Furthermore, this record can serve to prove that you have done everything in your power to improve the employee’s behavior if the worst should come to pass.

Expectations of Improvement

Since it is important to be specific in such letters, it would also matter if you included some proposed areas in which your employee could improve. This serves to provide them with goals to work toward so as to improve themselves gradually. This also serves to provide yourself with concrete milestones that you can use to gauge your employee’s improvement.


Your letter also needs to provide fair warning to your employee of what to expect should there be no visible improvement. While no one would want to resort to termination of employment, it is important that you make your employee understand that your patience only extends so far, and that if you do not see improvement, you will have to take drastic steps. This way, your employee cannot claim to have had any warning in case of the worst.

Free Official Warning Letters

Written Warning Letter for Attendance Example

employee attendance warning letter example page 0011 788x1020personnel.wv.gov

Unacceptable Behavior Warning Letter Template

bad behavior warning letter template page 037 788x1115nhsbsa.nhs.uk

Sample Written Warning for Poor Work Performance

sample employee warning letter poor performance page 001 788x1020med.umich.edu

What Offenses Merit Official Warning Letters

It may help you to know exactly what offenses could merit sending such letters to your employees. After all, being that there is a hierarchy of potential offenses, it follows that there are certain situations where you can rely on warning letter templates to help make your letters, such as:


Habitual tardiness is definitely one issue that could merit writing and sending HR warning letters to address it. After all, it is important that you demand consistent punctuality in the name of enforcing basic discipline. This helps ensure that your employees maintain proper use of time so as to increase overall productivity.


This is a more serious issue, as this involves actual non-attendance on part of employees. Naturally, this can have even worse effects on productivity and morale, particularly when unannounced. In this case, it is extremely necessary that you make use of letters, and possibly more severe sanctions so as to address the issue immediately.


This is a fairly serious issue, but not always one that merits termination of employment right away. In less severe cases, you probably should rely on warning letters first, albeit severe ones, so as to address the issue without necessarily losing any employees. Of course, sending a letter should not be the only measure you use, but if you are not immediately firing an employee, it still helps to use a letter.

Poor Performance

While not necessarily as serious as other offenses, poor work performance is still an issue that needs to be addressed. Of course, considering that this has fewer negative results than more severe infractions, it would be appropriate to use first warning letters so as to provide a measured response to such an offense.

Professional Warning Letters

Warning Letter for Professional Misconduct

warning letter for professional misconduct 22 788x1020ucdavis.edu

Absence without Notice Warning

absence without notice warning letter page 001 788x1020personnel.wv.gov

Employee Warning Letter

employee warning letter template 12 788x1020svsu.edu

Official Warning Letter Templates

Work Performance Warning Letter Template

work performance warning letter template 11 788x1020sph.unc.edu

Warning Letter Format for Poor Communication Skills

poor performance warning letter format 1 788x1115citehr.com

Why You Would Want to Use Warning Letter Templates

Templates like disciplinary letter templates generally make for useful tools for a variety of reasons. In the case of warning letters, the available templates can provide you with multiple advantages that should make them particularly enticing tools. Some specific reasons why you ought to use these templates include:

They can serve as frameworks.

The fact that there are templates available at all implies an easier time of making any written warnings you may need. After all, using such templates makes it possible for you to use them as the basis for making specific warnings applicable in particular situations. The availability of templates, in general, can save you from needing to reinvent the wheel every time you need to make different documents.

They can save you considerable amounts of time.

The fact that the template gives you a basic pattern to follow means that you only need design your documents around the framework the template gives you. By not having to write each letter from scratch, you can save time for your more important work, especially since writing letters for business can be simplified with other templates.

There are a number of basic templates available.

Like many other kinds of templates, there are different templates available even for a fairly specific purpose like writing work warning letters. In this case, you can find different templates for making letter appropriate to different infractions. This can serve to further specify what you are writing about so you can save more time otherwise spent specifying the fine details.

They are simple to use.

These templates should be fairly easy for anyone to use, being that it is as simple as downloading them and modifying them to suit your needs. All you really need do if using them yourself is adding the details specific to your situation. After that, it is a simple matter of printing them, which you would have done had you made them from scratch anyway.

In Conclusion

With these tips, you should have a considerably easier time making whatever warning letters you need for solving any disciplinary issues you may have. After all, the very point of having such samples is to reduce some of the more tedious elements of your workload.

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