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3 Performance Appraisal Letters

It is always important to make sure that employees are fulfilling their duties and performing in a way that meets the expectations of the company. However, it cannot be helped that there will also be employees whose performance will be less than ideal. But whether or not employees are doing well, it is the responsibility of those in management to let them know how well they are performing in the workplace. This is why they have to send performance appraisal letters, and this article is going to teach you how to write these important office documents. You may also see Sample Appraisal Letters.

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How to write performance appraisals

A performance appraisal letter is a powerful tool that allows managers to evaluate an employee’s performance throughout a certain period of time, typically around a year. So, if you would like to learn how to create one that shows you have properly appraised the employee, then follow these steps: You may also see Business Letter Formats.

Review all of the written communication you have had with the employee

  • Go through the emails that you and your employee have sent to one another. Take notes of the positive and negative subjects for all of them. You should also take note of the employee’s overall communication style. You may also see Formal Letter Formats.
  • Analyze all of the employee’s reports regarding the results of projects or the status of these projects.
  • Review all of the notes that the employee has sent to you for communication purposes, as well as the notes that he or she sent out to other departments. You may also see Appraisal Letter Templates.

Analyze all of the goals and objectives for the time frame of the employee appraisal

  • Review all of the quantifiable goals that you have given the employee. If the employee has successfully achieved them, then hand out positive feedback templates. If the employee failed to meet these goals, then address the problem and share with the employee what he or she could have done in order to achieve these goals. You may also see Different Performance Appraisal Letters.
  • Reflect on the qualitative goals. Qualitative goals are not quantifiable and may include objectives like improving customer service, as well as broadening communication and management skills. Analyze whether or not the employee was able to meet these qualitative goals. You may also see Appraisal Letter Format.

Check the employee’s attendance records

This should tell you if the employee has been abusing his vacation leaves, or if the employee has taken too much time off. You may also see Appraisal Transfer Letter Templates.

  • Take note of how many sick leaves the employee has taken, and see if the employee has any known health problems that make these sick leaves viable. You may also see Legal Letter Template.
  • If the employee has been repetitively tardy, then make sure that you question this in your appraisal letter.

Compare the employee’s job description with the duties that he or she performs in the company

See whether or not the employee is actually fulfilling all of the duties and responsibilities that are stated within his job description If the employee being appraised is failing to do his duties, then you must immediately address this in the appraisal letter. If the employee has gone beyond expectations, then you should write down positive feedback and state that you appreciate all of the employee’s efforts. You may also see Types of Appraisal Letter Template.

Gather feedback from other departments regarding the employee’s performance

  • Ask those in other departments who have worked with the employee what they think about the employee’s reliability. You may also see Letter Format Templates.
  • You should also ask if it was easy to communicate with the employee and if the employee is willing to work with a team, if applicable. You may also see Guidelines for Appraisal Letters

Write the performance appraisal letter by category

  • Address all the positive and negative issues regarding the employee’s attendance record.
  • Comment on the employee’s current skills and abilities. Also state if the employee showed any form of initiative, if the employee tried to serve as a role model for his co-workers, and if the employee was able to provide solutions on how to achieve certain goals of the company. You may also see Appraisal Letter in PDF.
  • Give performance feedback and talk about the employee’s knowledge about his position and talk about whether or not he is meeting the company’s expectations. You may also see letter templates.
  • Provide any comments you have regarding the employee’s communication skills and address the matter if the employee needs to work on communicating with co-workers or supervisors. You may also like Formal Letter Templates.
  • Talk about the employee’s time management skills when it comes to getting his work done and meeting his job objectives. You may  also see Simple Letter Templates.

Present the written performance appraisal letter to the employee prior to the performance review

You need to do this before the performance review as this will help relieve a bit of tension on the employee’s end. By informing the employee what the two of you will be talking about during the one-on-one meeting, he has a better chance to prepare himself when it comes to talking about your appraisal. Who knows? The employee may have information that would allow you to change your view regarding his performance. Plus, there may be things that you missed out on that the employee will be able to point out. You may also see How to Write an Appraisal Letter.

Read more about performance appraisals and other important workplace practices by checking out the rest of our website’s posts. You may also see Conducting an Effective Employee Performance Appraisal.

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