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2+ Retirement Appreciation Letter Templates in PDF

There comes a point in time where an employee within an organization will no longer be able to continue to work. If that employee has held his or her particular position for a number of years and has proven to be a valuable asset, then employers would want to show that employee just how to mean he or she has been to the organization. You may also see retirement letter templates.

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One of the best ways to do that is by creating and sending that employee an appreciation letter just before he or she retires. This article is going to teach you all about retirement appreciation letters and how you will go about in creating one

Appreciation Resignation Letter to Employer

Professional Appreciation Retire Letter

Resignation Appreciation Letter in PDF

Why Does One Even Make an Appreciation Letter?

If you were to work for a particular company for a number of years and that you’ve also put a lot of effort into making sure that you’re able to accomplish company goals in the way that you’re expected, wouldn’t you want to be shown even the slightest bit of appreciation for it? That’s the entire point of the sample letter.

When an employer receives a request for retirement from a particular employee, then that’s basically a signal which states that the employee is just about ready to leave the company after providing whatever he or she could offer. Regardless of the reason, the employer must show his or her gratitude towards the retiring employee to show what he or she has meant to the employer, co-workers, and the entire company in general. You may also see sample retirement letters.

Not only that, but it also shows that the employer wishes but nothing for the best for the retiree as he or she moves on from the company. It can even be used as the perfect set-up for holding the appropriate retirement celebrations. An employer who sends this type of letter can make a difference in the life of a retiring co-worker, especially if the letter manages to state the reasons as to why the employee was so valuable. It’s always good knowing that the retiree is feeling warm and happy knowing that he or she was able to make a difference in the workplace. You may also see thank you letter for appreciation.

As an Official Document

If the letter is an official document that came straight from the Human Resources Department, then it should be written on the company letterhead. Considering that fact that this can also be a personal document, it should be addressed directly to the retiree. When writing the letter, you’ll need to be very precise in describing what it is the retiring employee has done in order to be considered valuable to the organization, as well as how he or she is being appreciated for the things that have been done. So let’s say that the employee has managed to increase sales numerous times in the past, this is something that you cannot leave out as it’s a very important achievement.

As you’re writing, you have to make sure that the letter states it purpose right from the very beginning, and it should close wishing the retiring employee with all the best in the world. It should be no longer than one page as this is a document where you directly point out how thankful you are without the use of too many flowery words; you’re not doing this to make a speech but to simply thank the employee for what he or she has provided the organization. Also, the fact that it’s considered as a professional business letter is a good way for you to remember that you’ll have to keep the tone as professional as possible.

Also, this is not the type of letter where you criticize or use harsh words against the retiring employee. If the goal is trying to tell the employee how he or she will be missed and how you’re grateful for what has been done, then saying anything that could create negative feelings towards the retiree is not the right way to go. Try to stave off anything feelings of frustration from getting in your way of making a proper appreciation letter. You may also see thank you letter to the employee.

And lastly, since this is an official document, you’ll need to proofread it to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes. While you always have the option to send this letter via email, you still have to ensure that it’s free from errors; even more so considering that fact that you can use spellcheck or software that can help prevent any problems relating to grammar. You may also see samples of retirement letters.

What Should Information be on the Appreciation Letter?

Now that you know what a retirement appreciation letter is, the next thing that you’ll have to do is make one. As with many official documents that one is required to make, a letter such as this will require pieces of information in order to convey to the receiver about its purpose. Often times people forget a few which can reduce the value of the letter. You may also see thank you letter templates to a boss.

So here are the pieces of information that just about every appreciation letter should have:

1. The Basic Information of the Person Creating the Letter

Whether this being made by the Chief Executive Officer or the head of the Human Resources Department, it’s important to put in one’s basic personal information into the letter. The reason for this is because the retiree would want to know who the letter came from and so that he or she may be able to see if the writer is someone who he or she has worked with and someone who understands what the employee has accomplished throughout the years of service. You may also see retirement letter to the employer.

So in the event that you’re the person who has to create this type of letter, you’ll need to write down your complete name, address, and even your job title if you wish to do so. You may also see sample boss thank you letters.

2. The Basic Information of the Retiring Employee

If you’re going to send this letter, then you want it to be addressed to the employee that’s actually retiring. You wouldn’t want something as important as this to end up in the hands of the wrong person, and the only to prevent that is if you’re able to put in the right information. So what you’ll want to write is the complete name of the retiring employee, his or her complete address, and possibly the employee’s job title. You may also see thank you resignation letters.

3. The Date of When the Letter Was Made

As you’re going about in creating the letter, you should never forget to put in the date as to when you’ve made it. This is important because you’ll be keeping this letter under your personal file or you may just submit it to Human Resources where they’ll keep it in the retiring employee’s personal records. Also, giving the employee the date of which the letter was made is a good way to remind him or her when you made the letter as well as when he or she officially retired from the organization. You may also see thank you letter for your service.

4. The First Paragraph

This is the section of the letter where you immediately show your gratitude towards the employee. Although the first paragraph shouldn’t be too long as you want to keep things brief and straight to the point, you shouldn’t let that stop you from telling the employee that you and the rest of the organization appreciate what he or she has done. This is also the point where you can point out things such as the number of years that the employee has worked for the organization and how you wish the employee the best in all future endeavors. Remember not to make this too long though as you’re not trying to hand out a speech. You may also see HR letter templates.

5. The Second Paragraph

This is the section where you point out what the retiree has done for the organization in more detail. When doing so, think about the most relevant and noteworthy achievements that the employee has done to benefit the organization; don’t include anything that has no value as you want to keep things brief. Once you’re done putting them down into the letter, this can also be the perfect opportunity to tell your employer about any upcoming celebrations that are dedicated to his or her honor, or any reward that you would like to hand out for a job well done. You may also see sample teacher thank you letters.

6. The Closing Statement

And lastly, you’ll want to show your thanks towards the retiring employee one last time before you close the letter. You can even go as far as to say that you hope that you and the retiree should still keep in contact if the two of you have a good relationship. To ensure that the letter is official, you’ll need to provide your name and signature at the very bottom. You may also see latter templates.

Tips for Writing Retirement Appreciation Letter

When you’re writing something that should mean something to an employee that’s about to leave your organization, you should do so in a way that will really convey how much you appreciate him or her. So to help you with that, here are a few tips:

1. The Tone of the Letter Should be Warm and Leave a Personal Touch

Just because this is a document where you have to show professionalism does not mean you cannot give out a sense of warmth or a personal spin to it. You want the retiree to feel special and the way to do that is by showing him or her your thanks in your own way. While you should still keep the tone professional, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a generic goodbye letter. Try to find a balance between this being a personal letter and a professional one.

2. Don’t Make the Letter Too Long

Remember that this is not the type of letter where you make a speech on how much you’re going to miss the employee. You want to get straight to the point and that’s showing your gratitude for what the employee has done. Be sure to write only a few sentences that’s enough for the employee to know that he or she is being thanked. Because if you use more than one page, then it’ll just become a chore to go through. You may also see personal letter templates.

3. Ask Another Co-Worker to Proofread the Letter

While this is something that you can always do yourself, it’s always best that you ask someone else to help you do this. The reason? It’s because that other person may be able to spot mistakes that you’ve missed and that person can give you feedback on how well you’ve written the letter. You may also see thank you letter to the employee.

In the event that you would like to know more regarding how to make this type of letter or if you would like to learn how to create other types, then all you have to do is go through our site. We have all the articles that contain the information that should be able to help you and your business out with whatever is needed. You may also see business letter templates.

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